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Formula One: Option Rally join Scuderia Ferrari

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If like me part of your enjoyment from an F1 weekend comes from looking out for livery team livery updates, you may have noticed that since the Spanish Grand Prix Scuderia Ferrari have been sporting some additional branding.

The branding comes in the form of the group Option Rally.

Option Rally are a trading platform specialising in lightning-fast Binary Option trading, offering clients the opportunity to trade on stocks, indices and commodities at various speeds, ranging from just 60 seconds. Commenting on the partnership a representative from Option Rally commented:

” We are delighted to be partnering with such a passionate, historic and competitive Formula One team. It made perfect sense as the leading binary brokerage to join forces with the most successful and trusted team in the world, Scuderia Ferrari”

Option rally branding can be found at the base of the sidepods of the SF16-H. Details on agreement length and value have not been disclosed at this time.

For more information on Option Rally follow them on Twitter here

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Formula One: VIDEO – Ricciardo on the pain of spain & looks forward to Monaco

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In the post race interviews immediately following the Spanish Grand Prix frustration from Daniel Ricciardo was clear to see. Ricciardo explains this feeling was not simply because he was beaten by his teammate and an alternative strategy, but more through feeling that performance has not been optimised over the last few races.

Acknowledging the team are further ahead than they expected as this point in the season a driver always wants more and the results of the Spanish Grand Prix remain at the forefront of his thoughts.

Looking ahead to Monaco and the subsequent Montreal and Baku Grand Prix, Ricciardo speaks with confidence that Red Bull Racing will be in a position to compete with the street circuit layout suiting the RB12.

Ricciardo is full of praise for his teammate and talks wanting to pit himself against the best, reflecting again on his time with Vettel in 2014.


Formula One: VIDEO – Mercedes explore the aftermath of the Spanish GP

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Mercedes AMG Petronas, through the teams You Tube Channel magazine show the ‘Silver Arrows Show’ have openly explored race attending fans response to the race ending incident between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the Spanish Grand Prix, and provided a detailed explanation as to the impact it had on the factory work schedule.

The film, as you might expect, provides a healthy balance of opinion from Mercedes fans as to which driver was responsible for the incident. Interestingly the fans giving opinion seemed unsure as to where on track the collision occurred and the decision of the FIA following the race, demonstrating how difficult it can be for a fan to follow the narrative of a race while at the circuit.

Returning to the factory, the film explores how the initial assessment of damage is made, and that over 1000 components would have to be checked and possibly replaced across the two cars. Perhaps most telling of why both Lewis and Nico showed such remorse for the collision was the news that one instant response from the team is to cancel any planned holiday including weekends for team personnel responsible for vehicle maintenance to ensure both cars are adequately repaired ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Formula One Memorabilia collectors keen to see the first items of the Memento Exclusives Mercedes AMG Petronas Shop should skip to 6:51 in the film to check out a the damaged side pod of Nico Rosberg’s W07.

Looking ahead to Monaco, the team will be keen to regain their position on the top two steps of the podium, Nico will be looking to secure his fourth consecutive Monaco victory and Lewis will be fighting hard to secure his first win around the principality for the Silver Arrows team.

Formula One: VIDEO – Max Verstappen on his maiden win in Formula One

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Red Bull Racing have released a short film of Max Verstappen talking through his maiden Grand Prix win. The Max Verstappen success story looks set to dominate the sport for the foreseeable future, his unexpected win has reignited media interest in the 2016 Formula One World Championship  with infighting at Mercedes and an updated power unit set to be introduced over the next two events Red Bull Racing could yet bring themselves into contention for the championship.

Formula One: Stats & Facts from the Barcelona Test

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The first in season test of the 2016 Formula One Season came to a close earlier today. With limited information on fuel loads and strategy from the teams it is hard to draw too many conclusions, other than to comment that both Renault and Red Bull Racing have given positive feedback on the B-Spec Power Unit. The unit seemingly ran trouble free and may now be introduced in Monaco, one race earlier than planned.

Kevin Magnussen – Renault Sport F1
“That was a full day for me and a productive one. It’s definitely been a positive test. The power unit feels stronger and has better driveability and there are some other good improvements too.”

Nick Chester, Technical Director – Renault Sport F1
“Today has been a highly positive day of testing following on from Esteban’s good work yesterday. Kevin gave us everything we needed over a wide range of simulations and assessments. We’ve now run for two long days with the latest specification power unit with no major issues or concerns.”


Vettel Ferrari SOFT 1:23.200 DAY 1
Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 1:23.267 DAY 2
Rosberg Mercedes SOFT 1:23.337 DAY 1
Button McLaren SUPERSOFT 1:23.753 DAY 1
Grosjean Haas ULTRASOFT 1:23.882 DAY 1
Vandoorne McLaren SUPERSOFT 1:24.006 DAY 2
Wehrlein Mercedes SOFT 1:24.145 DAY 2
Wehrlein Manor SUPERSOFT 1:24.297 DAY 1
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 1:24.307 DAY 1
Gutierrez Haas SUPERSOFT 1:24.592 DAY 2
Fuoco Ferrari SOFT 1:24.720 DAY 2
Kvyat Toro Rosso SOFT 1:24.737 DAY 2
Gasly Toro Rosso SOFT 1:24.821 DAY 1
Celis Force India SUPERSOFT 1:25.016 DAY 2
Magnussen Renault SOFT 1:25.133 DAY 2
Lynn Williams MEDIUM 1:26.100 DAY 1
Ocon Renault MEDIUM 1:26.530 DAY 1
Massa Williams MEDIUM 1:27.167 DAY 2
King Manor SOFT 1:27.615 DAY 2


SOFT Vettel Ferrari 1:23.200 DAY 1
ULTRASOFT Grosjean Haas 1:23.882 DAY 1
HARD Gasly Toro Rosso 1:27.795 DAY 1
MEDIUM Rosberg Mercedes 1:24.384 DAY 1
SUPERSOFT Button McLaren 1:23.753 DAY 1


MEDIUM Verstappen Red Bull 18laps DAY 2
SOFT Button McLaren 10 DAY 1
SOFT Ricciardo Red Bull 10 DAY 1
SOFT Ricciardo Red Bull 10 DAY 1
SOFT Magnussen Renault 10 DAY 2
SOFT Magnussen Renault 10 DAY 2
SUPERSOFT Gutierrez Haas 10 DAY 2
ULTRASOFT Grosjean Haas 8 DAY 1
HARD Gasly Toro Rosso 8 DAY 1


Vettel Ferrari SOFT 1:23.200
Rosberg Mercedes SOFT 1:23.337
Button McLaren SUPERSOFT 1:23.753
Grosjean Haas ULTRASOFT 1:23.882
Wehrlein Manor SUPERSOFT 1:24.297
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 1:24.307
Gasly Toro Rosso SOFT 1:24.821
Celis Force India SUPERSOFT 1:25.467
Lynn Williams MEDIUM 1:26.100
Ocon Renault MEDIUM 1:26.530


Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 1:23.267
Vandoorne McLaren SUPERSOFT 1:24.006
Wehrlein Mercedes SOFT 1:24.145
Gutierrez Haas SUPERSOFT 1:24.592
Fuoco Ferrari SOFT 1:24.720
Kvyat Toro Rosso SOFT 1:24.737
Celis Force India SUPERSOFT 1:25.016
Magnussen Renault SOFT 1:25.133
Massa Williams MEDIUM 1:27.167
King Manor SOFT 1:27.615


Formula One: Renault Sport teammates’ near miss

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 21.12.46.png

Spectator footage has emerged revealing how close  a second set of teammates came to colliding at the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday. In the final lap of the Grand Prix Renault Sport F1 team teammates Jolyon Palmer and Kevin Magnussen came within centimetres of colliding in the final sector of the lap.

Battling over 13th place Jolyon, running heavily warn hard compound tyres came under intense pressure from Kevin, running fresh soft compound tyres, was forced to take avoiding action to avert a race ending collision for both cars, following a questionable overtaking attempt from the Dane.

The incident was not captured in the world feed broadcast, but was caught be spectators in this footage:

Whilst unnoticed by the world feed the incident was seen by the FIA, Kevin Magnussen was awarded a 10 second penalty to his finishing time demoting him to 15th place in the overall race standings.

The post race stewards report commented:

“Car 20 [Magnussen] was on a new set of soft tyres, and Car 30 [Palmer] was on an older set of hard tyres leading the driver of Car 20 to have significantly better grip and speed. However, the Stewards determined that Car 20 could not have reasonably expected to make the corner of Turn 13 without colliding with Car 30, which was subsequently forced off the track.

“The Stewards imposed the penalty referred to, which was converted to a time penalty after the race as the cars were on the last lap”

Neither team or driver have formally commented on the incident.

Formula One: VIDEO – Rosberg on THAT accident

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.16.48.png

Despite a frustrating race day for the entire Mercedes AMG Petronas team, Nico Rosberg maintained his commitment to talk to fans directly  after every race this season through Facebook book live. Nico takes the opportunity to explain the accident from his perspective and reflect on what happens next


(should the film not play automatically  please follow the link provided)

Earlier through the Team press release Nico added “ I had a great start and I was ecstatic after passing Lewis around the outside of turn one. At that point, it was my race to win. I came out of turn three and realised I was down on power with the wrong mode selected due to the engine mode switch being in the incorrect position. Lewis was closing in, so I decided to make a clear move to the right hand side as soon as possible, to close the door and show him that wasn’t an option. I was very surprised that Lewis went for the inside anyway. The next thing I knew, we were in the gravel trap. I’m gutted, not just for myself but for the whole team, it’s the worst feeling as a driver.”

An equally disappointed Lewis Hamilton commented “I had a decent start from pole but got slipstreamed on the way to the first corner and lost the lead. Coming out of turn three, I was catching Nico really quickly and went for the gap on the right – I had part of my car alongside but then had to take to the grass. The gap was there and, if you’re a racing driver, you go for that gap. We saw what happened after that. I’m hurt and disappointed for the team most of all because we lost 43 points today. We’re all here working together towards the same result and the team give me the opportunity to race with the work they do. When I came to a stop in the gravel trap, all I could think about was how gutted I was for the team – that’s where I feel the pain. But we will move on together and come back stronger in Monaco.

It is clear both drivers are extremely disappointed with the outcome of the Spanish Grand Prix for themselves and the team. Fortunately the FIA have deemed the accident to be a racing incident with no further action to be taken. Both drivers and the should now focus on the post race test and prepare for the Monaco GP in two weeks time. Toto Wolff has been keen to assure that whilst this kind of issue is not acceptable, the team will maintain it’s philosophy to allow their drivers to race:” After all the hard work we’ve put in over the past two weeks it’s deeply disappointing to come away with no points, but in my opinion this was a racing incident, with the drivers racing for position, and I don’t want to start blaming one or the other. Both Lewis and Nico are upset and we talked with them, looking at the pictures and the data, to determine exactly what happened. By letting the drivers race as we do, this kind of eventuality can happen but we won’t change our approach – we owe it to Formula One and the fans to let them race. But today, it was the work of the whole team that finished in the gravel trap, and this isn’t what we want to see happen – both of the boys know how much hard work goes into each race weekend and that they have the responsibility to bring that home. We have matured as a team over the past years, so we will be able to move on from this and, hopefully, fight back in a positive way in Monaco.”

Formula One: Red Bull Racing Numbers

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 23.10.50.png

A second row lockout on the grid for tomorrow’s Spanish Grand Prix served to reiterate  the continued resurgence in form for Red Bull Racing and act as some vindication for the teams decision to bring Max Verstappen into the team replacing Daniil Kvyat after only 4 races in the 2016 season.

Max joining the team coupled with a sensational qualifying performance lead to a dramatic increase in FOM World Broadcasting Feed exposure and it has to be said a level of confusion with commentators and graphics editors, with numerous occasions of  the wrong driver being called during commentary or displayed on screen.

Whilst the FIA do mandate the onboard camera (positioned above the airbox) of one car from each team must be fluorescent in colour this indicator is often missed with viewers focusing instead on driver helmet or number. Unfortunately  Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo share a substantially similar helmet design leaving fans, broadcasters, and editors to rely on driver number.

Camera positioning around the Circuit de Barcelona – Cataluyna lends itself to many long, and forward facing front shots, with which, as you can see from the images used here, it is almost impossible to identify driver numbers on the RB12.

Red Bull Racing’s role in what promises to be a thrilling Spanish Grand Prix should be significant. Taking this into consideration, could the team please move driver numbers to a lower point on the nosecone to enable quick and easy identification for all!

Formula One: Lewis dismisses ludicrous sabbatical talk

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After setting a dominant pole position around the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya this after noon Lewis Hamilton put to bed any speculation that he was considering a sabbatical bluntly remarking: “A year out? No way. Whoever wrote that was smoking something. Some pretty good stuff.”

British tabloid and elements of the broadsheet media set about the story earlier this ahead of today’s qualifying session. Lewis took the opportunity of the FIA top 3 qualifying press conference to respond to the rumours directly.

The Mercedes AMG Petronas team secured their 58th pole position, moving one ahead of the Red Bull Racing team in the all time tally, in dominant style with Lewis setting a 1:22.000 time. Setting the time in his second run in Q3 Lewis’ time was 0.280’s ahead of team mate Nico Rosberg.

Speaking about his pole time and tomorrow’s race in prospect Lewis commented “That felt great today to finally put the lap together, I’m very very happy. You always need to put that performance in, it reassures your belief, and Nico had been so fast this weekend, sometimes two tenths quicker, sometimes more. I could see on my data where I was losing, so I had to try and figure it out on track, and it is so satisfying to attack that obstacle and get through it. I am really grateful to the team for working hard overnight to put the car in the right place for me to fight – and now it’s three poles from three for me when I’ve been able to do the laps in qualifying. I haven’t had a proper race with Nico yet this year so I am hoping that will start tomorrow. It’s very hard to overtake here, so strategy is important, as is looking after the tyres: the forces round this circuit means it just eats the tyres up, so you need to get that balance just right and see it through to the finish”


Formula One: Friday 13th hits Renault Sport!

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Tyre failures, flat batteries, low grip, and pressure loss! Any superstitious members of the Renault F1 Team will be happy to see the back of running on Friday 13th.

Esteban Ocon got his first running in the R.S. 16 during FP1 for the Spanish Grand Prix. Unfortunately the session was cut short without Ocon having the opportunity to set a representative lap time:

Esteban:I was really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the R.S.16 so it was a shame that Friday the Thirteenth decided to pick on the team and I! I did get a brief amount of time in the car, but I didn’t even get a timed lap so it’s too early for any real thoughts about driving the car as I didn’t have an opportunity to really push. The team could see the tyre was losing pressure so I was brought in. I waited in the garage until I could go back out on the next set of tyres then the battery had an issue so it definitely wasn’t my day!”

Ocon will be back  behind the wheel of the R.S 16 in day two of the post race weekend test next week.

Jolyon Palmer took over from Ocon in FP2, but seemed to carry to Frenchman’s poor luck into the session.

Jolyon “That was pretty unfortunate. We don’t know what caused the puncture and it was frustrating to lose so much track time. We thought we might not be able to get out again after the car was recovered, however my crew was able to do a fantastic job to repair the damage so I’m thankful for those laps at the end of the session. Fortunately, Barcelona’s a track I know well so I’m looking forward to a busy day behind the wheel tomorrow.”

Despite these issue’s Palmer was able to set a time good enough for 17th in FP2 completing 16 laps in total.

Kevin Magnussen certainly had a bit more luck than his team mates finishing 11th and 14th in FP1 and 2 respectively. Despite this progress in performance for the team Kevin was keen to make clear grip remains a critical issue

Kevin “Grip levels felt pretty low in the morning but things improved through the day. It looks like I was definitely on the lucky side of the garage today so I hope the luck holds for the rest of the weekend. We’ve got a good idea of where we want to go after today and I think our pace is around where we expected it to be.”