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Formula One: Ricciardo to revel in radio clampdown

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Follow the debacle of the revised qualifying format yesterday attention now turns to the impact of the FIA clamp down on radio communications between driver and team during on track action. In a bid to restore an emphasis on driver decision making as oppose to drivers simply following instructions, under the new regulations radio communication could be reduced to little more than pit confirmation and safety car period warnings.

In preparation for the change teams used pre-season testing to experiment with multi-colour pit boards, and increased ‘critical’ messaging through the steering wheel.

Having spent seasons optimising pit to car communication teams are now left with what could in essence become nothing more than unnecessary ballast in the car. Formula One broadcasters such as SKY SPORTS F1 and Channel 4 (UK) would do well to explore team partnerships to allow in race driver interviews, as seen in FIA Formula E and WTCC for a number of seasons.

Daniel Ricciardo may elect to use this new found air time to hone his hobby of in car karaoke! With Red Bull Racing known throughout the paddock as the party team, the only team to play dance music through the garage, they may look to further this approach a pipe music directly into Ricciardo’s car for our entertainment.  Such a development would certainly add to the ‘show’!

Check out Daniel Ricciardo’s karaoke moment prior to qualifying here and through his Instagram page

Vibes 🙃

A video posted by Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) on Mar 18, 2016 at 6:40pm PDT


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Formula One: Social Media Update -Scuderia Ferrari #SF16-H launch event reaches millions


A million page visits on the site in a single day and a 30% increase in site numbers compared with 2015, including 130,000 simultaneous visitors for the live streaming: these are some of the figures to emerge from yesterday’s launch of the SF16-H in Maranello, which featured the boss, Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene, along with the Scuderia Ferrari drivers and engineers.

Big numbers for the launch of the 62nd single-seater built by Ferrari and there was also plenty of traffic on social media. The hashtag #SF16H reached 112.2 million, while there were 280 million impressions in just 24 hours. Facebook on the Friday hit 6.2 million users, with 2 million interactions and 700,000 views of the videos of the day.

The Scuderia site saw its page visits increase tenfold, while on ferrari.com they quadrupled. This success was shared by other sites and on-line magazines from around the world, who put out the launch show live and recorded, with the first part focusing on the very first impressions of the new born Ferrari from those who will be experiencing it first hand.After that, 10 fans from around the world, who were winners of the “Ready Set Red” competition, were the first to ask the drivers and team members some questions.

This new approach is aimed at reaching as many fans as possible, wherever they are in the world with events that allow them to feel ever closer to life in the Scuderia.

Opinion : Social Media and Formula One


Barely a day goes by went I don’t see someone commenting on the need for Formula One to embrace social media.  The latest coming Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche


“F1 must instead embrace the digital world and develop interactive strategies”

There can be no denying Formula One Management, FOM,  have taken a very cautious approach to social media, on the face of it this is born out of concern around damaging the cash cow that has been national broadcasting rights and the lack of clarity around how to monetise social media. Both concerns are valid. Social Media in its current form is great for increasing brand awareness, but Formula One is established. So how will social media improve Formula One as a product?

2015 has seen significant investment from FOM in improving content available through social media and developing a vehicle to deliver this content seen in the much improved F1 app.  Charges exist around elements of the content available but a surprising amount of exclusive insight has been made available with no restrictions or charges.

This is just the start. The folk at FOM are a bunch of clever people, they haven’t let go of the challenge to monetise a social media following. Mindful of developments in other sports, they have identified a commercial opportunity. Rather than simply launching a service, in the true spirit of social media, they plan to make their followers believe they’ve devised the opportunity themselves. What is this opportunity? In race gambling. A long established gambling model in Football, Rugby, Horse Racing, In play gambling seems to be such a great fit for Formula One it’s amazing no one has thought about it already!

Working with Tata Communications FOM launched a fan competition earlier this year asking entrants to propose technical solutions to enable fans to make and communicate predictions on race outcomes during the race itself. The only element not called out in the project brief was suggesting fans ability to monetise successful predictions. Whilst the winning entries refer to awards for success in points, turning points money is not a huge step.

Armed with fan support FOM have potentially unlocked an entire new sector for the sport. FOM could integrate live odds into social media feed and develop gambling platform through their own service, or more likely demonstrate proof of concept and sell in race gambling rights to the highest bidder.



Imagine if Sky Sports Commentary included live odds available only through Sky Bet on events taking place during the race.

You may wonder what a fan could bet on during a race; the more appropriate question is what couldn’t they bet on, 1st pitstop for car 44, lap on which fastest lap would be set, the list is endless.

You may also wonder how the odds for such events would be calculated. Well the data is already in place, teams have predictive software running throughout a race weekend to optimise performance and results, the data collection used for this could adapted with minimal investment to develop live odds.

FOM have, through PayTV agreements, confirmed there is an audience prepared to pay for the sport. This audience is likely to have a high confidence around their appreciation for the sport and highly likely to be willing to put their money where their mouth is. Especially is there is a feeling of being able to outsmart the management!

So FOM use their social media platform to launch in race gambling. They prove the concept, sell the rights or allow teams to generate income through agreements with gambling sites (for a fee of course) and then what?  Formula One Management move on, on to the next project to further add value to the product that is Formula One.


LittleDOT FEFE168 – Formula E partners with Little Dot Studios

Formula E continue to lead the way in Social Media engagement with the announcement of a partnership with Little Dot Studios, a next generation broadcaster and producer, creating and distributing video content across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope.

Founded by Andy Taylor and Selma Turajlic just over two years ago, Little Dot Studios has grown rapidly and now distributes video content on social platforms for over 60 producers, broadcasters and rights-holders worldwide. In August alone, Little Dot Studios amassed over 350 million views to its client’s content. Under the partnership, Little Dot Studios will distribute social videos including clips, highlights and compilations from each race, as well as unseen footage from the pitlane and behind the scenes. Little Dot Studios will also be on site at each race, producing original video content for each of the social platforms.

Opinion – In the spirit of continuous improvement Formula E continue exploit social media as a tool to bring the series to the public. It is impressive to see Formula E can make these forms of agreements alongside TV broadcasting deals with the likes of Eurosport, ITV, & Rai, a feet Formula One either have not attempted or have not been able to manage. In a period of growth and with a strategy of increasing brand awareness Formula E continue to make all the right noises. The challenge will come in attempting to monetize the sport in the future.