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Formula One: Alonso checks out MotoGP Mugello

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Mclaren Honda’s Fernando Alonso attended the Mugello round of the MotoGP championship this weekend with the Repsol Honda Team.

Speaking to championship world feed broadcaster Alonso complimented the series on the great atmosphere around the circuit, the packed out grandstands a stark contrast to the poorly attended Spanish Grand Prix last weekend. Alonso commented on how impressed he was by the skills of the riders and the bikes themselves.

Despite attending the race as a guest of Honda, Alonso commented he would like to have seen a Rossi (riding with Yamaha) win for the fans and remarked how different it was to see the bikes in real life as oppose to on TV.

To see highlights from the Mugello Round of the MotoGP check out the series You Tube channel here.

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Formula One: Mercedes & Hamilton set to emulate Surtees with MV Agusta?

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Mercedes Benz have emerged as a likely buyer for the struggling Italian Superbike Manufacturer MV Agusta, who after a number of challenging years’ have found themselves with a seemingly insurmountable debt in excess of €40M.

Mercedes who purchased a 25% shareholding in the business in 2014, may look to cease this opportunity take control of the remainder of the business. Italian media is reporting that negotiations are already under way to complete the deal with one stumbling block being current president Giovanni Casiglioni keen to maintain his position with the business.

With fellow German automotive manufacturers BMW and Audi, through their purchase of Ducati in 2012, already well established in the motorbike sector Mercedes seeking entry into the market through MV Agusta would be a logical development.

Since purchasing their 25% shareholding of the business Mercedes have incorporated the AMG brand into MV Agusta’s World Superbike team livery, with a full takeover possible this deal could evolve into something of much greater significance.

Lewis Hamilton already an ambassador for MV Agusta, is known for his passion for motorbikes. He has spoken on numerous occasions of his desire to test a MotoGP bike. Hamilton, Having achieved his lifetime ambition of emulating hero Ayrton Senna’s three Formula One World Championships in 2015, may now be setting his sights beyond the world of Formula One.  Lewis Hamilton is under contract with Mercedes for a further 3 years, but this contract and future agreements may include a freedom to participate in other championships with Mercedes support.

The rationale for Mercedes seeking to buy a motorbike manufacturer such as MV Agusta is to enable them to compete with the likes of Ducati and BMW in the sector, what better way to bring the brand to life than to have the Formula One World Champion join the MV Agusta World Super Bike team or for the brand to form a MotoGP team?

Assuming Lewis Hamilton would be capable of competing at the level of his peers in the category, Mercedes and Hamilton could mount a campaign to become the first Superbike and Formula One World Champion since John Surtees in the 1960’s.

Taking inspiration from Valentino Rossi, who at the age of 37 almost claimed the 2015 MotoGP championship, Lewis now 31 would have time to complete his current F1 contract and take time to adjust to a new category.

Information source in part: AutoBlog

Formula One: Too much of a good thing?

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The 2016 Motorsport Season kicks in to high gear this weekend with over 20  premier races taking place from locations all around the world.  As qualifying for second round of the Formula One Championship is taking place in Bahrain, the Long Beach round of Formula E will be getting under-way. This coupled with the opening rounds of the World Touring Car championship coming from Paul Ricard, the British Touring car championship from Brands Hatch. The second round of the Indycar championship, not mentioning the V8SC racing from Australia, Moto GP,2, &3 races and the World Super Bikes How can a be expected to keep up?!

With so many races taking place over a single weekend it will be almost impossible to keep track of the scheduling and results let alone any form of clear narrative from each event. On the scheduling front MsportXtra does an amazing job of keeping the motorsport super fan up to speed on what we should we watching next.  Although looking at that daunting  Sunday schedule I’m not sure there is much allowance for sleep!



For fans to commit to a series they need to feel a pull, a storyline, a driver or team to attach themselves too. Sure each series has its own unique pull, In the World Touring Cars people are curious to see if the returning Volvo can threaten the overly dominant Citroen as they enter their final year as a works team. In the British Touring Cars, will Team BMR and their new Subaru partnership we able to win from the work go? Coming from Phoenix, is it really safe for Indycar to return to the short oval? Will the winglets in MotoGP continue to create overtaking issues for riders? And in Formula E, can anyone challenge the dominance of Renault? So with all this going on how to you decide what to watch?

Do you commit to certain racing series now and stick with them for the season? If so which? Perhaps more fundamentally, has this wealth of racing categories forced organisers to look at racing as you would entertainment, focusing on the show rather than the sport?

Over the close season fans are desperate for track action, now we are left questioning how on earth can we find time to fit it all in? With Social Media, the water cooler of motorsport, it has become nigh on impossible to avoid results. So, similar to every other motorsport obsessive, I find myself hoping for a rainy day at home on Sunday, so I can sit back in my armchair, watch everything I can, then spend the next five days trying to make sense of it all!