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Formula One: In-play odds reach Formula One

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In-play odds are nothing new to football fans who place bets online. For years customers have been able to bet on matches as a game evolves. With the evolution of mobile gambling apps the popularity of this functionality is one of the most significant growth areas for bookmakers.

Essentially, In-play gambling is achieved through a book maker constantly adjusting odds on factors within an event, whilst the event is taking place. In the case of football this can range from the overall result to who will score next, to whether or not a player will finish a match. Gambling within football has become so engrained within the sport it is possible to bet on almost any element of a game and do so live.

Frequent readers of this site will have seen I recently started posting gambling watch-outs or tips over a Grand Prix weekend such as this one for Monaco. In my preview I sighted Force India drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez as watch-outs for the weekend if the forecast rain arrived. As it transpired, the rain did come and Sergio Perez found himself in a possible podium position half way through the race. At this point I tweeted a question about what odds would be availble for Perez to win now and how great it would be if bookies offered in-play odds in Formula One. To my surprise William Hill replied, and confirmed they do in fact offer in-play odds in F1, and that the live odds for Perez at that time were 6/1, down from the 200/1 when I made my original forecast for the weekend.

Intrigued by this development, which as an F1 fan not adverse to a little (responsible) gambling from time to time, I made some enquires with William Hill to find how in-play / live odds evolve over an F1 race.

The graphs below illustrate the dynamic odds availble for the top 4 finishers of the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix. The time period involved is from the night before the race up until the final lap.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 23.20.47.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 00.21.46.png

For ease of illustration I have changed the odds to decimal rather than more traditional fractional. The figures shown represent the return a customer would see for a correct 1 (£,€,$) bet placed at the given times during the race. For reference I have added pointers to a number of influencing points in the race.

It is worth noting that at any time, a customer could place an each way bet on the result. This would lead to a payout at 1/5 of the odds offered for a win should the driver finish in 2nd or 3rd. This means that on the final lap of the race you could have placed money on Sergio Perez to win at 100/1, and been paid out at 20/1 for him securing 3rd place.

The growth of in-play betting in Formula One demonstrates that the sport is receiving attention from the broader sporting community. This development further necessitates live viewing. The gambling sector has a loud and powerful voice when it comes to the way in which sport is consumed by fans. It is possible growth of in-play F1 gambling as a revenue stream for the sport will serve to encourage Formula One Management to focus maximising audience size. In order to achieve this perhaps they will consider relaxing or reviewing pay TV fee structure in order to gain increased revenue from growth of the gambling sector.

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Formula One: Mercedes Monaco Madness

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The Merecedes AMG Petronas Magazine Show ‘The Silver Arrows’ reflects on the teams Monaco Grand Prix weekend, with an interview from Toto Wolff, Rachael Laenen, team hospitality and events manager, and Lewis Hamilton’s number one mechanic Nathan Divey.

Interestingly we hear Toto speak of his relief to have bought an end to the downward spiral of performance Lewis Hamilton had been suffering and how the team are increasingly seeing Red Bull Racing as the main challenger this season.

Rachael Laenen discusses the challenges of a Monaco weekend in which the team entertain more than 300 guests (including Justin Bieber) across 4 locations in an area with poor phone reception and even worse wifi. It was a surprise to hear the team resort to traditional radio communication over the weekend, surely partners Tata Communications and Qualcomm could have put together a more innovative solution!

Formula One: Palmer “I did also offer to get the spanners out”

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Renault Sport F1’s Jolyon Palmer reflects on his challenging Monaco Grand Prix, the aftermath of the weekend, and looks ahead to Montréal.

What went wrong for you in the Monaco Grand Prix?


We went over the data and it looks like it was the lower grip as I crossed the white lines of the zebra crossing which meant my wheels span as I pushed to accelerate. The car was pitched sideways and I collected the barriers. It was just the wrong place

at the wrong time. I had a bit of bruising on my feet so it was just my ego and the car that had to suffer.
I have been in Enstone since Monaco, to get some time in the Sim, but I did also offer to get the spanners out to help build the new chassis… I’m very grateful for all the hard work that goes in at the track and back in Enstone and Viry and I did more than my fair share of damage to the car in Monaco.
Away from the track, Monaco is such a big week and you really feel it afterwards. On Monday night I slept a straight 14 hours to recover; I was exhausted! It’s a really cool weekend, but it’s just so busy! You start a day early then there’s no track running on Friday
but all kinds of exciting media initiatives including showcasing the R.S.16 Clio which was cool
What are your thoughts heading to Montréal?
I was there last year and I realised what a really cool city it is. It’s also one which genuinly embraces Formula 1 coming to town so can’t wait to return. The track itself looks great with good overtaking opportunities. There has been good racing there in the past so it’s exciting to be headed for my first race there.
I will get the B spec power unit for the first time. It looked like it made a good difference in Monaco and Canada is a more power-hungry circuit so if it was a positive step in Monaco it should certainly help our cause in Montréal.
The new engine mapping certainly looks to have been beneficial and you need good traction in out of the lower speed corners in Canada. It’s got more power too so everything is good in that regard!
We should be a good chunk more competitive. We’ll do everything we can to maximise the car around the track and we’ll be pushing all the way as usual!

Formula One: VIDEO – Max Verstappen reflects on a challenging Monaco

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Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen talks through his Monaco Grand Prix, analysing his struggles through the weekend, thanking the team for their support and hard work, and reflecting on his own personal challenge to keep the RB12 out of the walls as mentioned here on JWGP ahead of the GP weekend.

Looking ahead to Canada, Verstappen confirms that he will have access to the upgraded Renault Power Unit for the first time. Having tested the PU in Barcelona, Max is aware the unit will deliver additional power and improved drivability. When considering targets for the Canadian Grand Prix, Max is hoping for  clean weekend and feels a podium could be possible.

Formula One: Airbnb return to Manor Racing with the promise of very exclusive accommodation

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The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a return of Airbnb branding to the Manor Racing team over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. Situated on the rear wing endplates, the returning partner joins a growing list of innovative partners for the fledgling team, joining the likes of Shazam, Rescale, & Daffy’s Gin.

On the returning partner Simon Pavitt, Marketing director for the team comments

“It’s great to announce the extension of our partnership. We think Airbnb represents all that is good in the sharing economy. It’s a pioneer in its field and is opening up the world. At Manor Racing we like a challenge, we love to travel and see new places, experience new things and meet inspiring people. Airbnb, with its myriad abodes gives fans more than a bed for the night; it gives them a sense of adventure. Much of Airbnb’s premise is about breaking down barriers, making the inaccessible accessible. And at Manor Racing we’re inspired by that.”

The 2016 partnership promises to be more than simply branding on the car, Airbnb is eager to make the Formula 1 experience even more memorable for the sport’s legion of fans. Whether it’s a coveted Monaco studio overlooking Rascasse, a log cabin nestled within the pines around Spa, a houseboat in Montreal or an already-assembled luxury tent at Silverstone, Airbnb gives its community choice. Choice at any price point, from one night to a week to a month, in more than 35,000 cities and nearly 200 countries, all from a simple app. The shared love of adventure, technology and challenging the status quo mean Airbnb and Manor Racing have forged a strong bond.

Aisling Hassell, Head of Customer Experience at Airbnb adds:

“We don’t go for obvious partnerships; we think carefully about the institutions and teams that chime with our own beliefs. Manor Racing isn’t elitist or stuffy; it’s open, honest and works hard to improve. It seeks to challenge – on and off the track. We like that attitude and we love being part of its Formula 1 adventure. The Manor Racing guys also happen to be rather excellent hosts, which, as you’d expect, is very important to Airbnb!”

To further celebrate the Airbnb Manor Racing partnership plans are afoot to turn the  Manor Racing’s motorhome within the Formula 1 Paddock into what could  be the most exclusive Airbnb accommodation for a forthcoming Grand Prix.

To download the Airbnb app click here

To visit the Airbnb website click here

Formula One: 6th consecutive fastest pit stop award for Williams

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The Williams Martini Racing pit crew secured a 6th DHL fastest pit stop award at the Monaco Grand Prix. The team are so far unbeaten in 2016 when it comes to pit stop times. Official timing suggests the team’s quest to achieve a sub 2 second pitstop, with the team coming within one tenth of the time at the Chinese Grand Prix, and again at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The efficiency of the Williams pit stop process has not gone unnoticed from the world away from Formula One with the team recently working in partnership with University Hospital of Wales to fine-tune the resuscitation of premature newborn babies.

The top 6 fastest pit stops from the Monaco Grand Prix:

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 08.24.27.png

If the DHL fastest pit stop award is new to you, check out this film:

To find out more about the DHL Fastest pit stop award click here.

Formula One: No holding back from Monisha

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Sauber Team Principle Monisha Kaltenborn has made her disappointment with drivers Marcus Ericsson & Felipe Nasr clear for all this evening commenting:

” It was unacceptable behaviour by both drivers. Today the work of the whole team ended in a collusion. Marcus and Felipe both know how much work is put into every race weekend. They have the responsibility to make it to the end of the race. After evaluating the overall situation, it was important to bring the fastest car as far as possible to the front, so that we were able to used any chances. Our decision was based on the data from both cars. After this, we have clarified the situation internally and both drivers are aware of their responsibilities. Such an incident will not happen again.”

Perhaps reflecting on happier times for the Swiss team Monisha went on to congratulate former driver Sergio Perez on his podium finish:

“I also want to say a word to our previous driver Sergio Pérez and Force India: Congratulations on the third place in Monaco.”

Reflecting on the race Ericsson commented:

“A very disappointing end to the race. We had taken a bit of a gamble, so I was first to pit for slicks. It worked out, but it was not ideal as I was caught out by blue flags. I had to go off the line and let other drivers pass, which meant I struggled to get the temperatures up in my tyres. When the tyres started to work, I caught Felipe, but got stuck behind him. I was told that Felipe received a call via the radio. Then I saw a gap and tried to overtake him, but we all saw what then happened. It is a difficult situation for us, and it is even more important to stick together as a team in these times. I apologise, and I am sure that this will not happen again in the future.”

The FIA have awarded Marcus a 3 place grid penalty for the Canadian Grand Prix and 6 penalty points on his license.

Equally disappointed was Brazilian Felipe Nasr:

“It is a shame that neither of us finished the race. It is the worst scenario that can happen for us as a team. Marcus and I were on different strategies, so his second pit stop was earlier than mine. My tyres started to get up to temperature, and I was catching the cars in front. For me it was not the right timing to swap positions. Suddenly, in Rascasse I felt my car being hit. It is surely disappointing for everyone as the whole team works very hard. I apologise for what happened. We need to make sure that this will never happen again.”

The Sauber F1 Team are yet to register a points paying finish in the 2016 Formula One World Championship.

Formula One: VIDEO – Rosberg post race review

Nico Rosberg reflects on a disappointing Monaco Grand Prix via social media. Explaining a possible reason for his struggles were that the team saw some issues in brake temperature and that on intermediates he had no confidence in the car.

Nico discuss’ his decision to let Lewis by in the early stages of the race, explaining it was the right thing to do, and part of an understanding the team have had in place for a number of months now. It would be interesting to see if Lewis would respond to the such an agreement if placed in a similar situation.

We also get an insight into the post race Monaco after parties, and a view of Keke Rosberg’s Monaco apartment!


Formula One: 2016 F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize launched

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Tata Communications, Official Connectivity Provider to  Formula 1® and the Official Managed Connectivity Supplier of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team, is launching the 2016 F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize, and unveiling the first challenge of the competition. The aim of the USD $50,000 prize is to inspire fans worldwide to harness their technical know-how and passion for F1® racing to drive innovation in the sport through two technology challenges. This year’s challenges will focus on how virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technologies could be used to make the sport more immersive for fans, and help the teams work more effectively together in the run-up to and during each Grand Prix.  

The first challenge, set by Formula One Management, calls on technology enthusiasts to develop a solution that uses VR and AR to enable fans at home to experience a Grand Prix virtually. The solution should allow fans who are not at the live event to immerse themselves into the exhilarating world of F1® racing – from the pit lane and the Formula One Paddock Club™, to the drivers’ parade and the starting grid formation.

John Morrison, Chief Technical Officer of Formula One Management and one of the judges, says, “We want to give as many fans as possible the opportunity to experience first-hand the thrill of a Grand Prix – and VR or AR could enable us to do just that. These technologies represent the next big innovation opportunity for the sport. In the not-too-distant future, they could enable fans to get virtually transported to a Grand Prix, complementing and enriching the race experience.” 

“In the last two years, the F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize has grown into a major platform for showcasing the huge potential of data and superfast connectivity in boosting F1® teams’ competitiveness, and in bringing fans closer to the sport,” says Julie Woods-Moss, Tata Communications’ CMO and CEO of its NextGen Business. “We now invite fans from all over the world to share their ideas for how VR and AR could take fan engagement to the next level.”

In addition to John Morrison, the jury includes Lewis Hamilton, driver of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team; Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical) of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team; David Coulthard, former Formula 1® race driver and Channel 4’s F1® racing Lead Expert Analyst and commentator; Martin Brundle, former Formula 1® race driver and F1® commentator for Sky Sports F1® and Mehul Kapadia, Managing Director of F1® Business at Tata Communications.

The jury will pick three winners from each challenge of the F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize. The six winners will be awarded trips to the 2016 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX in October, where the jury will announce the Grand Prize winner. The Grand Prize is a cheque for $50,000 and a bespoke trophy. A full brief for the first F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize challenge can be downloaded from the F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize website. The closing date for the first challenge is 16th June. The second challenge will be set by the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team in July.  

Tata Communications is the Official Connectivity Provider of Formula 1®, enabling the sport to seamlessly reach its tens of millions of fans across the globe.

Formula One: Admiral Yachts join Renault in Monaco

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Admiral Yachts branding can be seen on the engine cover of the R.S.16 this weekend in Monaco. The partnership will include a technical collaboration between the groups. Admiral Yachts is a member of The Italian Sea Group, one of the biggest conglomerate groups in the boating industry.

In a rare public comment since returned to team ownership, former team owner, now team shareholder Gerard Lopez, Renault Sport Formula One Team, Director comments:

“This is an exciting new partnership between Renault Sport Formula One Team and Admiral Yachts. Admiral Yachts are at the cutting edge in their field so there are many synergies between us and them. They utilise sophisticated design processes and hybrid power so there are distinct areas where we can both add valuable input to each other’s business. As a global entity The Italian Sea Group alliance covers all sectors from entry level to the luxury segment. Our association with the luxury brand Admiral Yachts has fantastic synergies with our portfolio of partners also in the premium sector including Infiniti, Bell and Ross, APL and Devialet. There is no better location to herald this new union than the jewel in the Formula1 crown, the Monaco Grand Prix, and we are both looking forward to a fruitful future together.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 09.27.12.png

Giuseppe Taranto, CEO, The Italian Sea Group, adds:
“We are proud to commence this relationship on the year of the fiftieth anniversary of Admiral Yachts and we were naturally drawn to the gold represented on the best looking car on the Formula 1 grid. The speeds of a Formula 1 car and those of a luxury yacht are very different yet both are at the represent the very forefront of technology. We are harnessing the exciting area of hybrid power in a very different form to that seen in a Formula 1 car, yet our engineers will be able to learn a lot from the Formula 1 relationship and I hope we can give valuable insight to Renault Sport Formula One Team too.”

Further information on Admiral Yachts can be found here. Its seems we may have found the Renault Sport F1 team’s hideout for the weekend!