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Formula One: No Tim Holmes but still very special


Ahead of Felipe Massa’s final home Grand Prix this weekend, Williams Racing title sponsor Martini has dedicated it’s iconic logo to the driver replacing the MARTINI with MASSA.

Whilst the livery is not the bold helmet inspired design imagined by motorsport designed Tim Holmes, the gesture demonstrates the close relationship Massa, Williams and Martini have developed since the Brazilian joined the team in 2014


The surprise livery change, the first of its kind for a Formula One partner, was revealed to the Brazilian-born driver today at the Autódrome José Carlos Pace track in Sao Paulo. In addition to the famous MARTINI ball and bar logo being replaced with MASSA, the rear wing has also been adorned with the phrase ‘Obrigado’ – which means ‘thank you’ in Portuguese.


“I’ve always said that I drive the best looking car on the grid, but this takes it to a whole other level,” joked Felipe Massa.  He continued, “I’ve never known a sponsor to do this for a driver before. It’s an honour and I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit emotional about it.  But it goes to show that because of MARTINI’s heritage in racing, they are more than just a sponsor. They are a true partner and fan of this beautiful sport. I’ve been lucky to have them as part of my team the last three years.”


Shane Hoyne, CMO, Bacardi Europe said, “Felipe isn’t just a driver, he’s a friend.  And not just to MARTINI but to his teammates and other drivers out there on the grid.  We thought it only right that we mark the occasion and give his name pride of place on the car. Obrigado on the rear wing is not just our way of saying thank you to him, but for Felipe to say thank you to all his fans in Sao Paulo.”

Felipe has spoken openly of a dream to thank his home fans with one final podium this weekend. With mixed conditions forecast and tensions simmering amongst the top teams all eyes will be on the Brazilian to realise his dream.

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Formula One: Modifications to the Haas F1 Livery

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.25.40.png

First images coming from the pitlane in Melbourne reveal the Haas F1 Team have made a few changes to the livery of the VF-16. Seemingly grey / silver elements of the livery have been replaced with white. Such a change may improve visibility of Haas branding or may suggest the team have secured a new sponsor.

Further details of the changes will be posted as they become available.


Formula One: Williams F1 Team reveal FW38


The Williams F1 Team have this morning released images of the FW38. In so doing they are they first team to reveal images of a true 2016 contender.

Whilst the images do not give too much away it is clear the team have retained a Matte finish to their livery, similar to that seen in the Red Bull Racing livery earlier this week. The livery style itself appears largely unchanged. The images also depict the increased head protection regulations, with side head rests size increasing by 20mm. The style is reminiscent of executions seen 20 years ago when the regulations where first introduced.

Hackett branding has taken increased prominence on the headrest of the car, from the images released it would appear the Hearst owned publication Esquire has not renewed it’s agreement with the team.


Formula One: Haas F1 team livery: Expect the Unexpected


“Expect the unexpected” was the response from Team Principle Günther Steiner when questioned around the final livery for The Haas F1 team 2016 contender.

Existing corporate partnerships the StewartHaas Racing team have established in NASCAR will not extend to the Formula One team in the short term and whilst the team are open to new partners joining the team, Steiner confirmed Haas Automation will in effect take the position of principle sponsor. This reconfirms the intentions set out by Gene Haas to increase European recognition and market share from the beginning of the team’s F1 project.

The corporate colours of Haas Automation are red and white. The team through social media,  earlier this week previewed team transporters for the European races in these colours suggesting they will maintain a similar feel, yet Steiner’s comments suggest fans could be in for something a little different.