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Formula One: MODO joins The Sauber F1 Team

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With the financial stability of the Sauber F1 Team assured, the team have been able refocus energies into partnership and sponsorship development. The first of these partnerships take the form MODO, joining the team as a Premium Partner. MODO is an eyewear company founded in New York, and driven by a passion for innovation and technology.

MODO adopts the latest manufacturing technology and newest materials in its products’ designs, and its emphasis on quality and functionality produces ground breaking results. MODO’s Paper-Thin Titanium collection is some of the lightest and strongest eyewear in the world. At 6.8 grams, Paper-Thin Titanium sunglasses are fitted with high-performance polycarbonate lenses using High Chromatic Definition (HCD) technology to merge form and function.

The partnership with MODO will kick off during the upcoming Italian Grand Prix in Monza and is for the remainder of the 2016 Formula One season. The MODO branding will appear on the mirrors of the Sauber C35-Ferraris. Furthermore, the entire team will also be equipped with sunglasses to represent the MODO products in style.

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal of the Sauber F1 Team:
“We are delighted about our new partnership with MODO – a lifestyle brand that has chosen with Formula One and us the perfect platform to represent its brand and products. Technological innovation, detailed precision, and the push for excellence are values the Sauber F1 Team stands for. MODO’s Paper-Thin Titanium collection proves these attributes at the highest level of quality – the lightest and strongest eyewear matching the carbon material Formula One cars are built with. We are pleased to welcome MODO on board, and we look forward to a successful and fruitful partnership in a promising future.”

Alessandro Lanaro, Founder and CEO of MODO:
“MODO is very pleased to start a collaboration with the Sauber F1 Team by becoming a Premium Partner. Our common interests in technology, innovation, and using new materials to create the highest performance make us ideal partners. The Formula One environment is the perfect theater to showcase our brand and products. We are also excited to further develop our partnership by researching new technologies with the Sauber Engineering Division that can be applied to eyewear. We are looking forward to our official debut at the Italian GP in the legendary Monza circuit.”

Check out the MODO homepage for more on the partnership and to visit the online store here

Formula One: Red Bull Racing do Drones

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In the build up to the Canadian Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing duo Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen spent some time trialling racing drone technology armed with streaming Go Pro’s and VR headsets.

As well as showing of their drone handling skills(!), in the film below drivers give their analysis on the Monaco Grand Prix and look forward to the Canadian Grand Prix. Both expect the upgraded power unit to perform strongly around the circuit and hope to be able to compete at the front. Hopefully the two will avoid hitting each other on track, something they didn’t manage with the drones.

The use of drone technology is understood to be high on the agenda of Formula One Management’s technical revolution in race broadcasting and content creation, with trials expected to take place over the Italian Grand Prix weekend. which is coincidently a Grand Prix which Heineken are now a title sponsor. It is not clear if the trials will lead to imagery being used in broadcast or as a form of VR trail, but it is clear FOM are looking into new ways to present the sport.

Filming & streaming content from drones could enable FOM to showcase the sport in an entirely new format at a much lower cost than more traditional filming via helicopter. The sport could even consider the use of VR to allow fans to control their view of the sport from a drone. A direction, FOM, SKY, and Mercedes AMG Petronas partner Tata Communications is keen to facilitate and encourage as discussed in this interview.

FIA Formula E, trialled the use of drones earlier this year following the Mexico ePrix. Click here for more.

Formula One: Monza set for radical overhaul

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The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, home of the Italian Grand Prix is set for a radical overahaul, which pending final approval will be completed by March 2017.

Dromo, Italian circuit design house are leading project which will see the average speed around circuit dubbed the ‘temple of speed’ increase substantially. In what will be the 9th iteration of the circuit layout,  Dromo have submitted plans to remove the current first  corner chicane replacing it with a full throttle turn one. This change has been proposed in part to address safety concerns around the high number of incidents which have occured across many racing categories throughout the history of the current layout of the circuit.   In removing the first corner chicane, the start finish straight will extend to 1400 metres in length, making it the longest straight on the F1 calendar. Simulations suggest F1 machinery can expect to exceed 350KMPH around the modified circuit.

Already the fastest Grand Prix on the F1 calender, race simulations on the new circuit suggest a significant reduction in overall lap time and as a consequence a further reduction in overall race time. An F1 race is limited by length rather than time,  race distance is capped at 305KM.

Turns two and three will see a significant elevation change of 2.5 metres, which will result in a challenging blind entry to the corner. Further changes to the circuit will include resurfacing and additional re-profiling of corners as well as modifications to run off areas.

Speaking to JWGP, Jarno Zaffelli  head of circuit design and the Dromo company itself, confirmed that the proposed modifications to the circuit have been made with both FIA and FIM (motorcycles) requirements in mind. Dromo have been awarded the contract to redevelop the circuit, have gained provisional approval of the changes from the FIA and FOM and have submitted the redevelopment to local government for approval. Once local approval is granted, Dromo along with circuit owners will return to the FIA and FOM for final design approval.

Pending this approval, work will commence in November 2016 and is scheduled to take 6 months. Redevelopment of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza is not directly linked to ongoing negotiations to extend Formula One hosting rights for the Italian Grand Prix beyond the current contract which expires at following the 2016 running of the event.