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Formula One: The Drivers Dinner #WindBagsUnited

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Nico Rosberg has posted images of a drivers get together ahead of this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.  Nico has taken the opportunity to respond in public to Bernie Ecclestone’s recent remark around the relevance of drivers unifying to voice their concerns around the development of Formula One through an open letter from the GPDA.

It is unlikely the public will hear too much detail around the events preceding and following this photo beyond the continued demonstration that the drivers are working on as a unified front. At least on some topics.

To be a fly on the wall in that restaurant…


Formula One: GPDA “Decision making process is obsolete and ill-structured”

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The Grand Prix Driver Association (GDPA) have taken to social media to publish an open letter to Formula 1 stakeholders, followers, and fans, calling for change in the decision making process surrounding the sport remarking that the current process is obsolete and ill-structured. This letter follows a challenging start to the 2016 season in which changes to qualifying format were seen to have failed, coupled to this has been the sports inability to finalise technical regulations for 2017.

Public perception of regulators and the implication of this letter is that the sport focuses on less fundamental regulations such as limited helmet or livery design change in season, or seeking to prohibit the discarding of visor tear strips whist on track.  This perception is damaging to the credibility of the sport.

The GPDA acknowledge the dynamic way in which fans consume content and seek for the regulators and promoter to do the same. They go on to state Formula One should be the home of the best drivers, circuits, and teams with the best suppliers and partners. Only through doing this will it remain the pinnacle of motorsport.

One element of frustration regarding the 2016 qualifying process is that the format was implemented with teams, drivers, and broadcasters fully aware they format would fail to meet expectations. There is a feeling that the system was approved so that it could publicly fail.

The GPDA have been keen to highlight they are not seeking to be disrespectful in publishing this letter and remain committed to the sport.

The letter can be seen in full here:

Driver Position Statement

You can follow further comments from the GPDA here