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Formula One: The Race behind the Races

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The 2018 French Grand Prix is the first race of Formula One’s Triple header. Over three successive weeks, Formula One will first the South of France, the mountains of Speilberg, Austria, and the more than likely soggy Silverstone.

Whilst the prospect of back to back to back races may leave drivers and fans drooling, the prospect is a little more daunting for the supply and logistics team tasked with ensuring each event runs seamlessly.  In the 48 hours following each event DHL, The Official Formula One Logistics Partner, is tasked with moving more than 1000 tonnes of freight safely and on time.

“For the spectators at the track and in front of their TV sets view, a Grand Prix is a huge spectacle,” says Martin Pople, Trackside Manager at DHL. The logistical effort behind it, on the other hand, remains invisible to the spectators: “A single race weekend involves months of planning and the work of two dozen of our specialists,” explains Pople. The fact that this “race behind the race” is fast and safe is also due to the expertise of the DHL specialists.


The challenge ahead for DHL and the race teams themselves is not something drivers take for granted, Force India driver Esteban Ocon, reflecting “When I was a kid I wanted to race every day, so now it’s coming alive, that dream. I think, on the other hand, I’m thinking about the mechanics, all the people travelling around Europe, the truckies, everybody in the teams, you know, building up those beautiful hospitalities and tents and all that. This is going to be very hard for them, so we need to make life as easy for them as we can, because at the end, we are a team, so we need to support everybody.”

Since the 2018 F1 Triple Header was announced, teams and support crew will have been evaluating the most efficient way in which to manage both the physical and logistical challenge the schedule creates. The team that comes out of top come Sunday evening in Silverstone will likely be very well placed for the remainder of the season.

As with any support role, the role of the DHL Specialists will likely and for their sake hopefully go largely unnoticed. Their role is to ensure on time in full delivery of the championship and teams needs. When they manage this, they’ve done their job. The painstaking work required to ensure this performance will likely pass most people by.

So when if with three successive F1 race weekends, your thirst for F1 news isn’t quenched, check out the DHL Triple Header Diary for all the latest information plus fascinating background stories from Le Castellet, Spielberg and Silverstone.  dhl.com/F1TripleHeader

Car Review: My weekend with the Infiniti Q30

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After receiving a late invitation to the British Grand Prix last weekend I arrived, late, at the Europcar desk at Heathrow Airport. As every frequent rental car user, I decided to try my luck at free upgrade from my economy ride for the weekend. Free didn’t come my way, but I was offered an Infiniti Q30 for what felt like a very reasonable additional fee. (after a bit of healthy negotiation)

Having become familiar with the brand name through Formula One with both Red Bull Racing and more recently the Renault F1 team, I was excited to be finally trying out an Infiniti model for myself. My car at home is a 2009 BMW 330, this feels like an appropriate benchmark for the Q30.

Stepping inside the cabin of the Q30 is a very pleasant experience. In racking up around 30,000KM’s per year, mainly on motorways I’ve become very picky about a quality interior. The interior is made up of a high quality materials produced to a high standard, suede upholstery with purple stitching was a great touch! There is a sense of familiarity to the switch gear in the Q30, mainly due the fact that much of it is shared with the Mercedes A Class / GLA. This is no bad thing, systems are easy to navigate and on the whole fairly intuitive.

Heading on to the motorway you get a feel for where the Q30 is most at home. The ride is self assured, not too soft, but not as harsh as you might expect from a German peer. The 7 speed automatic is responsive with a more than capable on-board management system, it’s very rare to find the Q30 grappling for gears. The Q30 has all the driver alerts you expect to find in a modern car, lane change and closing distance alerts, adaptive cruise control and blind spot warnings. Heading up from Heathrow to Silverstone was a breeze, the Q30 is a very pleasant place to find yourself.  I did have some issues with the DAB radio, but I’ll put that down to user rather than system!

Over the course of the next few days the Q30 was put through it’s paces through back roads and tracks, trying to avoid the infamous Silverstone traffic. I have to say compared to the BMW this is where the Q30 comes a little unstuck. The road holding and vehicle dynamics do fall slightly short of the sector leaders. That being said the Q30 never feels unstable, it remains more than capable.

Another neat feature of the Q30, perfect for post race traffic jams, is the all round camera. From the central screen you can monitor how close you are to surrounding obstructions with ease, taking a lot of the stress of not paying for additional car insurance out of my rental experience!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.43.20

The styling of the Q30 may not be to everyone’s taste. It is a large car for what it is. the loading space and rear leg room are not industry leading, but in all honesty I imagine they will be more than sufficient for the typical owner. I personally found the exterior of the car very appealing, it’s a car with which you will stand out from the crowd. It reminded me of the Renault Avantime project (pictured) seeking to create a new sub category within an existing model range.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.44.26

When returning the Q30 to Europcar I found myself wondering If I would actually consider buying one for myself. To be honest, probably not. There is a lot I like about the car, and a lot I haven’t mentioned in this review. The fuel economy for example for a 2.2 litre engine was very impressive. The fact that it is built in Sunderland  would let me feel like I’m doing something good for the UK, but would I buy it? With the specification I would want on the car the cost would be around £30,000. Which is more than I would feel conformable spending on a car in this category.  So in short:  No.  I would however seriously consider leasing it! Being part of the Renault Nissan alliance, Infiniti are able to offer very attractive rates should you be on the market.

Model – Infiniti Q30

  • Engine: 2.2 Diesel
  • 7 Speed automatic
  • Lease rates from £180- 280 PCM

To arrange a test drive of the Infiniti Q30 head to the Infiniti home page or make a request for the model the next time you hire a car with Europcar.

Formula One: The British Grand Prix from Silverstone Six

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I don’t like the British Grand Prix, It’s a shocking statement. Especially for a Brit! Over the year’s I’ve been fortunate enough to have the money to attend a number of races all over the world, during that time I’ve been to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone 4 times. My last trip to the circuit had been in 2009. Don’t get me wrong on TV the British Grand Prix is an incredible spectacle. The high speed challenge of the circuit is a joy to watch, and more often than not the circuit provides some excellent racing. However, As a fan at the circuit always felt I missed out.  Sure the atmosphere is something special, unique to the British, but the nature of the site never lent itself to the fan.

The circuit, build around a former military airstrip is flat and huge. Two features that don’t lend themselves to great visibility for the race attending fan. Most grandstands are situated on the outside of the circuit, this results in limited viewing. Modern F1 circuits are designed with the race attending fan in mind. It is possible to see a large percentage of the track from a single viewing point. Silverstone was not designed in this way. That was until the circuit was remodelled in 2011.

I realise writing a review on a 5-year-old circuit upgrade may feel a little unnecessary, but there are many race fans similar to myself who avoid Silverstone because of the outdated perception that the circuit isn’t great for spectators. I am happy to report this is no longer the case. Courtesy of my good friends at Shell V Power I was given two tickets to the Silverstone Six hospitality stand for the British Grand Prix. The unit is situated on the infield of the Maggots- Becketts complex, which in itself is an incredible view. Adding to this the grandstand is elevated and overlooks the new sector of the track with views of the loop and Aintree corner. In total from a single vantage point I could see 6 corners, and over the course of the 2016 British Grand Prix witnessed some of the most incredible overtakes I have seen in modern F1.

Now to be honest, during GP2 and GP3 Races I found myself getting confused with the old and new circuit layouts, tracking cars around the lap at the wrong time, but I think that just shows my age. The Silverstone Six Grandstand gave me an entirely fresh perspective of the entire circuit. I remembered why I enjoyed Silverstone in the first place. As a spectator you get a true feeling for the challenges of the circuit and for the speeds drivers are taking into corners.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 14.50.49.png

The Silverstone Six experience is something special. Arriving at 8:10 AM on Sunday morning, 5 minutes before the GP3 race started we had a full breakfast buffet available to us, and even Mumm Champagne for those feeling eager! Leading up to the race a full lunch menu was available. Whilst the weather in the minutes leading up to the race was not great for fans in a grandstand the entire hospitality unit we sat in (the Brabham suite) decamped to our seats for the race. The race itself was a thriller! Another great addition to Silverstone has been larger clearer screens around the circuit along with radios playing commentary of the race to ensure you can keep up to speed. Many times during the race there was so much going on it was hard to chose between sections of the circuit or the screen to look at. Following the race the suite stays open until 6:30, offering an afternoon snack and further drinks. The quality of food and drink in the suite is fantastic.

Silverstone have done a great job at tackling the inherent issues of the circuit. They have invested in sound and logical infrastructure and made the event something to be proud of.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff at Silverstone Six for making the day so memorable. It is easy to forget how tough it must be to pull off an event such as the British Grand Prix. The entire team should be proud.

For more on Silverstone and the Silverstone Six hospitality suites click here.

Formula One: Mercedes AMG Petronas launch the Pure Pit Wall with Pure Storage

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Mercedes AMG Petronas technical partner Pure Storage will, this weekend, launch a second screen dashboard for the Formula One super fan. The  Pure Pit Wall brings fans one step closer to the sport through sharing real time information on a number of data points as the race takes place.

Developed in close collaboration with the Mercedes AMG Petronas technical team the dashboard will provide fans with a reference tool to monitor the performance of drivers in points scoring positions through the race. Users will be able to view data in infographic format elements such as tyre compound selection, stint length, fastest laps, and number of overtakes.  The dashboard also features data safety car periods and total time spent in pit lane. Data presented through the dashboard is provided in real-time making full use of the Pure Storage all flash storage solutions.

In addition to providing data points on progress through the race, Mercedes AMG Petronas have equipped the dashboard with real time access to team predictive software giving users direct access to the output of team analysis on the expected podium finishers of a race. A unique data point never previously made available to the public.

For the hardcore F1 fan this dashboard offers live insight into an F1 race as it progresses. It’s the perfect tool for any armchair strategist!

The Pure Storage Mercedes AMG Petronas Pure Pit Wall is available here.

Pure Storage will make the complete dashboard available for users to review following the conclusion of a race.

You can follow Pure Pit Wall on twitter here.

For more on the Pure Storage Mercedes AMG Petronas partnership see the below film:

Formula One: Remaining tyre allocation for the British Grand Prix

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The 2016 British Grand Prix looks set to be a race of tyre management. Pirelli have released data on the remaining tyre allocation availble to all drivers ahead of the race and indicated the projected life of each tyre compound.

Tyre usage by the top teams in free practice and qualifying leaves them with minimal opportunity to run fresh tyres on the optimal race strategy. As such we can expect to see a certain level of compromise in strategy approach in tomorrow’s Grand Prix, should it remain dry.

Possible race strategies and maximum laps:
Pirelli recommends that the following numbers of laps are not exceeded on each compound:
Hard* = 26 laps
Medium = 28 laps
Soft = 15 laps
*The hard compound experienced some graining, which is why the useful life of this tyre is predicted to be less than that of the medium.

On this basis, the optimal pit-stop strategies predicted by Pirelli are as follows:

Two-stopper: two stints on soft of 12 laps each + one 28-lap stint on medium
Three-stopper: three stints on soft of 12 laps each + one 16-lap stint on medium
Two-stopper: one 12-lap stint on soft + one 14-lap stint on new soft + one 26-lap stint on hard
Two-stopper: one stint on soft of 12 laps + two 20-lap stints on medium

Different permutations of compound usage within each strategy are possible.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 18.52.24.png

Formula One: Ray Ban return to F1 with Scuderia Ferrari

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Scuderia Ferrari and Luxottica Group have signed a sponsorship agreement based on which the Ray-Ban brand will appear on the SF16-H Formula One cars, starting from the next Formula One race, the British Grand Prix in Silverstone.

Mr. Sergio Marchionne, Chairman and CEO of Ferrari, commented: “Adding another prestigious brand like Ray-Ban to our livery is very gratifying for Scuderia Ferrari. This new agreement strengthens the ties between Ferrari and Luxottica, two major Italian companies with shared principles and values that are both continuously striving for excellence. I am sure that this new partnership will be satisfactory for both companies and give the team an extra boost to strive for more”.

This announcement marks the return of Ray Ban to Formula One with the brand having been last seen with Honda and as a personal sponsor for Jenson Button.

Formula One: Button not a fan of the revised Silverstone layout

In the build up to the British Grand Prix this weekend, Jenson Button talks to Mobil 1 the Grid about his feelings towards the track. Whilst acknowledging changes made to the circuit in 2011 were made with the ambition of increasing overtaking opportunities, Jenson misses the fast flowing challenge of the circuit of old.

This in no way diminishes his will to perform strongly around the circuit. Despite never winning at his home Grand Prix, the atmosphere created by the fans make the event one of his highlights of the season. Come rain or shine the British fans are guaranteed to come out in force to support their drivers.