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Formula One: LIVE Mercedes Bottas Press conference

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See below to follow developments at Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport live:

Formula One: Bottas in Brackley

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Whilst the F1 worlds waits for final confirmation that Valtteri Bottas will join Mercedes AMG Petronas for their 2017 campaign, the first images of his arrival have begun to appear on social media. Bottas’ personal sponsor Wihuri can be seen on the sleeve of the shirt worn in this image suggesting he has carried the partnership to his new team.

More information to follow…

Formula One: Lorenzo’s Mercedes audition

In the weeks preceding Nico Rosberg being crowned 2016 Formula One World Champion and subsequently announcing his retirement from the sport, former Moto GP champion and future Ducati rider had the opportunity to sample the Mercedes AMG Petronas W05 around the Silverstone International Circuit.

The experience, arranged through mutual sponsor Monster Energy, was a dream come true for the Spaniard who became only the forth Moto GP champion to sample Formula One machinery.

With every man, woman, and child seemingly replying to this advert from Mercedes:

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Lorenzo can at least now tick “any previous experience” box!

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Formula One: Pérez for Mercedes?

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With the shock announcement from 2016 Formula One World Champion Nico Rosberg’s retirement last Friday, almost every driver on the grid has been named as a possible replacement for the German. Nico’s decision came as a surprise not only to media and fans of the sport, but to his employers and rivals on the grid. Had there been an inkling from anyone that Nico may have taken this decision the contractual status of a number of leading drivers may be looking very different at this point in the season.

The Mercedes board will be keen to install a replacement driver as soon as possible to minimise the impact on the teams 2017 campaign and maximise driver acclimatisation. That being said, should Mercedes opt for a driver currently under contract with another team it is highly unlikely they will be able to work with said driver until the new year.

From an ease of transition perspective Mercedes could opt for one of their junior drivers in Ocon or Wehrlein. Whilst kind on the cheque book and simplest to implement, Mercedes require a driver capable of performing from at the very top level from the word go, it is undeniable the potential of both drivers is without question,  but it would be a risk to place them with the team from the beginning of 2017.

Realistically, this leaves Mercedes with little option than to approach drivers with existing agreements for season ahead. Toto Wolff has intimated he is reluctant to poach drivers from Ferrari or Mclaren, acknowledging the damage this could cause to future team relations in the lead up to strategy group negotiations with Liberty Media over the coming 36 months. This in theory removes Sebastian, Kimi, and Fernando from the equation. Whilst Toto did not explicitly rule out either of the Red Bull Racing drivers, it is highly unlikely either would be released from what are understood to be long term contracts.

This has left many to suggest Bottas has the most likely candidate for the seat. He is part managed by Toto Wolff and with Williams working in close collaboration with Mercedes a deal in theory could be easy to achieve. I see this to be quite unlikely. 2016 was somewhat of an underwhelming season for both Bottas and Williams. If the cliché of ‘you are only as good as your last race / season’ were to be applied. Bottas is not hot property and should not be regarded as the next best option.

Taking all of this into consideration I believe the best placed driver on the grid to replace Nico Rosberg for 2017 is Sergio Pérez. With 101 points, and 2 podium finishes in 2016 Sergio Pérez was the best performing non works Mercedes driver. He lead the Force India team to their most successful year in history, finishing 4th in the constructors championship scoring points in 16 events over the season. From a pure performance perspective Sergio Pérez has to be regarded as a genuine contender for the seat.

Over and above on track performance, Pérez is highly attractive from a commerical perspective. Mexico is a hugely important market for Mercedes, the car maker is looking to double car sales in the country by 2020. Having a national hero behind the wheel of a Silver Arrows would support this strategy.  Beyond this Sergio Pérez brings his own sponsors to a team. Mercedes are not a team struggling for budget, but opening doors to the Slim family (Telmex Group) will be more than welcome.

Of course Sergio recently signed a one year extension with Force India which in theory locks the Mexican in to the team until 2018, however were Mercedes to offer the services of Wehrlein alongside a discounted Power Unit I am sure an agreement could be found.

Sergio Pérez is a changed driver from the man who replaced Lewis Hamilton at Mclaren in 2013. He has proved his consistency and ability to work with a team during his time with Force India. He deserves another opportunity with a top team. He is the most logical option for Mercedes.

Would it prove to be a threat to Lewis Hamilton? Only time will tell. His has a unique ability to manage tyres and with the huge shift in regulations coming for 2017 this attribute could prove invaluable. At this time Sergio Pérez’s management have declined to comment on the possibility of such a move, but there should be no doubt they will be evaluating any opportunity should it arise.

Formula One: Sponsor in Profile – UBS

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Swiss Bank UBS are a key partner within Formula One. Working directly with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team and with Formula One Management the bank is heavily invested in the sport and will continue to be for some time to come. In an exclusive interview for JWGP, we explore what initially attracted UBS to the sport, how they measure success, and the future direction of the partnership and the sport in general.

A key point of interest in this interview is around the audience UBS are targeting or seeking to attract with the partnership. Whilst other banking partners within Formula One use the sport as a platform to attract a diverse audience, the UBS approach is geared heavily towards its Wealth Management customers and the audience demographic in that sector. This focused approach explains in some way why despite being one of the more significant partners to the Mercedes AMG Petronas team in terms of investment, branding on the car and with drivers is minimal.

  • What initially attracted UBS to F1?

Formula 1 is a global sport that attracts over 400m unique viewers every season. It operates for nearly 12 months of the year and touches all major markets that UBS operate in

  • Can you provide a background into how the UBS FOM and Mercedes Deal came about?

UBS entered Formula 1 in 2010 as a Global Partner, and has grown and diversified its investments in the sport since then. Formula 1 provides UBS with global brand awareness, an ability to invest in the creation of deeper client relationships through at-track client programs around the world, and a platform to both amplify brand stature and change brand perceptions. By adding the partnerships with the MERCEDESAMG PETRONAS Formula One Team and ex-Formula 1 legends, such as Sir Jackie Stewart, Mika Hӓkkinen and David Coulthard, UBS create and deliver truly unique at-track experiences for their clients. By working together with Formula 1 experts, such as James Allen, UBS produces engaging content that drives social media campaigns around topics such as strategy and insight. Further Formula 1 insiders such as Susie Wolff were also included to add even greater depth, diversity and appeal to the program.

  • What is the target audience for the UBS F1 engagement model from a social media, print & online media, branding, and hospitality perspective?

The key audience is UBS Wealth Management customers, who can be classified into existing and new clients. On the one hand we aim to increase brand visibility in our key markets and on the other we try to enhance brand relevance by distributing insightful content to our target audience. The distribution of this content is purely via digital and social channels. Looking at the hospitality, it focuses more on existing clients, who are invited to a select number of events where we try to give exclusive access to the sport, the drivers and our ambassadors.

  • The use of UBS branding within Formula One and the Mercedes AMG Petronas team is minimal. With limited on track signage and team branding featuring only on drivers and pit areas. Can you explain why, despite significant investment UBS have taken this route?

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The partnership with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team provides UBS with the opportunity to create truly unique at track experiences, as well as access to the team and their star drivers for content.

  • What key performance indicators (KPI’s) do UBS have around the respective partnerships?

KPIs are set alongside the strategy, and continue to evolve year by year – metrics such as client satisfaction, brand exposure and brand equity all feed into an analysis of success.

  • Have experiences from the F1 world influenced any aspect of UBS or vice versa?

It would be hard to say if there has been any direct influence, but UBS and Formula 1 share common traits. And these similarities are what UBS enjoys exploring for the fans and followers of the sport. Traits such as strategy, insight and thought leadership are common to both UBS and Formula 1 teams and the series.

  • How would UBS assess the 2016 season so far?

As a partner of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team we are pleased with the team’s success so far. With the top teams hot on their heels, it promises to become an exciting season.

  • What’s next for UBS with Formula One Management and Mercedes AMG Petronas?

The experiential and content plans for 2016 are very exciting. UBS will continue to deliver insights into the sport, the strategies for success and how Formula 1 is pushing the boundaries in numerous disciplines to as broad an audience as possible.

  • What is your view on the move of F1 coverage towards on the pay TV trend for F1 coverage in Europe?

The commercial side of the series has pursued a trend of moving from free-to-air broadcasting to pay-tv. This is a business decision which we cannot comment on. However, with the growth of social media in recent years, we feel more people than ever are watching the sport, commenting on it or are aware of race results.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 01.46.02.png

The UBS relationship to Formula One as a partner is an interesting one. The bank has committed to a strategy of using the sport as a platform to reward and attract the wealthy.  With the agreement heading into it’s 7th year it is clear all parties involved are seeing a return on the relationship. As a prestigious brand involved in the sport similar to Rolex, Chandon, or Emirates. UBS through their social media and digital interactions have developed a profile as an aspirational partner, the banking partner fans will think of when they reach a certain level of financial wealth in their private lives. They do this at the same time as rewarding those who have already achieved such success in a way which ensures customer loyalty.

It would be interesting to hear from other partners in the sport taking a similar approach.

Formula One: The secret to Hamilton’s success

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Lewis Hamilton has spoken about the minor tweak he made to his driving position through the 2015 season which transformed his awareness in the car.

Speaking to Grand Prix winner and former Benetton driver Johnny Herbert in an interview for the Mercedes AMG Petronas You Tube Channel, Lewis explained that in exploring reasons behind some of his early season he made some very simple adjustments.

Watch from 2:32

‘All of a sudden, a new world’ commented Lewis, through simply raising his seating position by 0.5CM. In a period in which teams are so focused on optimising aerodynamic efficiency of the car, the driver is pushed deeper and deeper into the cockpit to minimise the impact their helmet has on vehicle efficiency. This approach compromises driver visibility to such an extent that they can not see beyond the tip of the front tyres. In wheel to wheel combat a driver has no visibility of their own front wing, they work simply from feel for the car.

Many drivers have been criticised for a lack of spacial awareness following seemingly needless accidents. Mindful that not all drivers have the presence or respect within a team as Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes, taking the lead of the World Champion, perhaps the FIA should look to mandate a specific drivers eye height when behind the wheel.

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Formula One: For the discerning Formula One fan

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As the final pre-season test for the 2016 Formula One World Championship gets continues in Barcelona, HUGO BOSS have launched the 2016 ‘BOSS for Mercedes-Benz’ collection.

Photographed in Monaco by New York based creative duo Hunter & Gatti, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are seen modelling pieces from the new Spring Summer 16 BOSS collection.

The HUGO BOSS – MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team partnership was established in 2015. Within the partnership, there is a clear mutual ambition to build on each others premium and luxury reputation. To deliver a unique clothing range to followers of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team and to Formula One.

The casual range pictured is unmistakably inspired by motorsport, through it’s clean sophisticated cut and use of high quality materials.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 18.10.51

The ‘BOSS for Mercedes-Benz’ range is available now and can be found through this link.

As the 2016 season heads towards Europe later in the year the partnership will see further additions with unique pieces from each of the Mercedes drivers, follow HUGO BOSS here to keep up to date with future developments.

The modern F1 fan takes pride in wearing the team or drivers team kit, but to be honest, speaking from personal experience, the occasions in which your partner will let you go out wearing this gear can be few and far between. The ‘BOSS for Mercedes-Benz’ range offers fans a discreet way of supporting their team, confident that they actually look good!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 18.12.20.png

To further promote the range HUGO BOSS have released a behind the scenes film from the photo-shoot follow this link to see the film in full.

Formula One: Pure Storage joins Mercedes AMG Petronas

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The MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team today announced a multi-year partnership agreement with Pure Storage (NYSE:PSTG), a market-leading independent solid-state array vendor that is pioneering an all-flash revolution in the data storage sector.

Pure’s technology platform allows businesses to achieve significant performance and efficiency gains over mechanical disk storage, while a radical and transformative approach to customer-friendly business models has differentiated the company as a sector trailblazer.

The MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team has significant data requirements for its remote trackside operations and at its UK headquarters in Brackley.

With each Grand Prix generating seven billion data points, the enhanced infrastructure provided by Pure Storage will deliver an array of benefits to the team including significant improvements in the speed of data processing, a reduction in costs and weight for trackside equipment, faster set-up times and a scalable solution that can grow as the team’s requirements change.

The application of Pure Storage solutions will reduce the team’s typical backend SQL query processing times by 95%, while engineers calling up race data will enjoy a 36% faster load speed, enabling sharper and faster decision-making. While engineers will have an enhanced end-user experience, both the hardware set-up at trackside and the future scalability of data storage will be dramatically simplified and obsolescence will be removed from storage solutions.

Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport said, “We’re delighted to welcome Pure Storage as a partner of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. It is a strong positive statement for the team and for Formula One to confirm this new investment from a west coast technology leader. Technology is fundamental to our success – it enables us to perform across our business and ultimately on track. As we are predicting one of the most challenging and competitive seasons in the year ahead, Pure will give us the power we need to tackle our most demanding data challenges.”

Reflecting on the new partnership Jonathan Martin, Pure Storage’s CMO said, “Pure and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team found common ground in a mutual everyday mission – to push the boundaries of what’s possible. When fractions of seconds mean the difference between success and second best, the reliability, simplicity and speed Pure Storage delivers are paramount. Pure is proud to provide MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS confidence in the performance of its storage platform, so that the team’s primary focus can be performance where it matters most – on the track.”

Click here to visit the Pure Storage homepage.

Formula One: VIDEO Rosberg debuts the W07 around Silverstone

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MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS today completed a first day of track running with its 2016 specification Formula One car during a Promotional Event at Silverstone.

The F1 W07 Hybrid, powered by the PU106C Hybrid Power Unit, first departed the garage at 10:15 this morning on a cold but clear day at the Northamptonshire circuit. Driven first by Nico Rosberg, then Lewis Hamilton, the car completed a total of 98.2 km.

The team will now ready the F1 W07 Hybrid for its public track debut at the opening pre-season test of the 2016 Formula One season in Barcelona on Monday 22 February

See the film here:

or visit the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team youtube channel here