Formula One: VOYZ joins Manor Racing

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VOYZ joins the Manor Boy(z)

In the second of the “Fast Companies Series” partnerships for Manor Racing, the German Grand Prix see German voice communication start-up, VOYZ join the team.

VOYZ is a new way of communication. It allows users to send voice messages that, once heard, are deleted from the recipient’s device and cannot be forwarded to third parties.

Just like in Formula 1, VOYZ is all about efficiency and speed. It only needs two taps from the home display to send a voice message. Messaging has never been so simple.

Once a voice message has been sent, the app also gives you the option to delete sent messages before the recipient receives them.

Manor Racing is the Formula 1 team with a start-up mentality and upstart ambition. Characterised as nimble, fast operators with an obsession for incredible technology but also having a soft spot for the romance of racing, it’s all about capturing and living the original spirit of the sport.

Manor Racing’s Fast Companies Series was launched to partner with like-minded and innovative start-ups, which like to challenge the status quo and have the ambition to shape the future.

VOYZ branding can be found on the rear wing endplates of the MRT 05

To receive EXCLUSIVE messages from Pascal Wehrlein Rio Haryanto over the German GP weekend, download VOYZ here

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