Formula One: Felio Siby launch Force India timepiece

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 19.02.02.png

Force India partner formally launched the special edition time piece over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. The timepiece, the third from designer Dominique Siby, weighs in at an extemly lightweight 80 grams, not for the average customer each timepiece includes a 0.2 carat diamond inserted in the face watch.

The launch event seemed to be the place to be over the Grand Prix weekend. Check out the film below and play spot the Sky Sports presenter!

Felio Siby joins the rapidly expanding partner portfolio at the Silverstone based Force India F1 team. Partners joining the team have been more than satisfied with the team’s performance in 2016 with the team taking it’s first podium of the season in Monaco.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 19.01.13

To find out more about Felio Siby check out their homepage here.



One thought on “Formula One: Felio Siby launch Force India timepiece”

  1. sure… it has software that drains your bank account, sets off an alarm if you enter an country where there are warrants for your arrest and runs slower than all other watches…


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