Formula One: Monaco – A weekend for the fans?

Mclaren Honda partner, Johnnie Walker, have put together a tidy film showcasing the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. The film acts a neat conclusion to the race weekend which saw Fernando Alonso bring home his Mclaren Honda in a season best 5th place and Jenson Button securing further points for the team in 9th.  There is a growing sense of confidence around the Mclaren Honda team, as the points tally continues to increase, expectations are also on the rise. The team and drivers appear to be enjoying racing again.

This sense of enjoyment and appreciation for the sport comes across in this film, which sees both drivers wax lyrical about the Monaco experience from both a driver and fan perspective.

It is easy to perceive Monaco as a highly exclusive event, reserved for the rich and famous, in this film it is great to see more of the event from the fan perspective with Jenson reflecting on the number of fans you see watching from the hills surrounding the track alongside shots of how close fans can get to drivers over the weekend.  With the size of the safe haven of the paddock vastly reduced in Monaco, arguably fans have more access to their hero’s in Monaco than at any other race on the F1 Calender.

Of course Monaco remains the jewel in the crown of an F1 season and Johnnie Walker reflect this in the film but do so in a way to make the event feel more accessible than I have seen it in the past.

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