Formula One: Admiral Yachts join Renault in Monaco

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Admiral Yachts branding can be seen on the engine cover of the R.S.16 this weekend in Monaco. The partnership will include a technical collaboration between the groups. Admiral Yachts is a member of The Italian Sea Group, one of the biggest conglomerate groups in the boating industry.

In a rare public comment since returned to team ownership, former team owner, now team shareholder Gerard Lopez, Renault Sport Formula One Team, Director comments:

“This is an exciting new partnership between Renault Sport Formula One Team and Admiral Yachts. Admiral Yachts are at the cutting edge in their field so there are many synergies between us and them. They utilise sophisticated design processes and hybrid power so there are distinct areas where we can both add valuable input to each other’s business. As a global entity The Italian Sea Group alliance covers all sectors from entry level to the luxury segment. Our association with the luxury brand Admiral Yachts has fantastic synergies with our portfolio of partners also in the premium sector including Infiniti, Bell and Ross, APL and Devialet. There is no better location to herald this new union than the jewel in the Formula1 crown, the Monaco Grand Prix, and we are both looking forward to a fruitful future together.”

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Giuseppe Taranto, CEO, The Italian Sea Group, adds:
“We are proud to commence this relationship on the year of the fiftieth anniversary of Admiral Yachts and we were naturally drawn to the gold represented on the best looking car on the Formula 1 grid. The speeds of a Formula 1 car and those of a luxury yacht are very different yet both are at the represent the very forefront of technology. We are harnessing the exciting area of hybrid power in a very different form to that seen in a Formula 1 car, yet our engineers will be able to learn a lot from the Formula 1 relationship and I hope we can give valuable insight to Renault Sport Formula One Team too.”

Further information on Admiral Yachts can be found here. Its seems we may have found the Renault Sport F1 team’s hideout for the weekend!


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