Formula One: Mercedes seeking Noise Engineer

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 09.00.08.png

With Formula One in its 3rd season of the hybrid power unit regulations, discussions around the sound of current technology remain. Whilst actions have been taken to improve the volume of power units in the 2016 regulations the pitch remains unchanged. It is felt by many that the ‘screaming’ element is what is missing from current power unit technology. This change in pitch is due to the lower revving nature of the hybrid turbo era when compared to the V8’s and V10’s of old.

Mercedes having developed the dominant power unit with performance exceeding that of previous technical regulations, are now committing resources to explore possible solutions in this area.

As mentioned in by David Croft in SKY SPORTS F1 (UK) FP2 coverage, Mercedes AMG High Performance Power Trains have posted a job opening for a Noise Engineer. The successful candidate will be mandated to:

” Apply  1D thermo-fluids simulation tools to the development of Formula 1 Power Unit noise and performance.  You will be responsible for providing the analysis support and creative input to the challenging task of improving the turbo hybrid V6 noise appeal without sacrificing power unit or vehicle performance”

It is encouraging to see teams and suppliers addressing frustrations from fans and followers of the sport directly rather than relying on developments in technical regulations.

To view, and maybe apply, for the vacancy yourself click here, and quote #JWGP in your application!

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