Formula One: Assessing car damage LIVE!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 09.43.02.png

Merecedes AMG Petronas have released a film with Simon Cole, the team’s Chief Trackside Engineer, explaining the decision making process undertaken by the team when assessing the damage to Lewis Hamilton’s car following his first corner accident in Bahrain.

Simon explains that when an incident of this nature occurs the ingoing assumption is that the car will be making a pit stop to make repairs. From this point the team move  to further understand the damage and communicate a decision to the driver.

Despite limitations on radio communication, Lewis explaining the impact of the damage from his perspective remain vital to the decision making process with the driver being able to give feedback on elements the team do not have telemetry on.

For the Motorsport Geek, the film also introduces a new term! The SPLEF – Side Pod Leading Edge Flick. Who knew?

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