Formula One: The secret to Hamilton’s success

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Lewis Hamilton has spoken about the minor tweak he made to his driving position through the 2015 season which transformed his awareness in the car.

Speaking to Grand Prix winner and former Benetton driver Johnny Herbert in an interview for the Mercedes AMG Petronas You Tube Channel, Lewis explained that in exploring reasons behind some of his early season he made some very simple adjustments.

Watch from 2:32

‘All of a sudden, a new world’ commented Lewis, through simply raising his seating position by 0.5CM. In a period in which teams are so focused on optimising aerodynamic efficiency of the car, the driver is pushed deeper and deeper into the cockpit to minimise the impact their helmet has on vehicle efficiency. This approach compromises driver visibility to such an extent that they can not see beyond the tip of the front tyres. In wheel to wheel combat a driver has no visibility of their own front wing, they work simply from feel for the car.

Many drivers have been criticised for a lack of spacial awareness following seemingly needless accidents. Mindful that not all drivers have the presence or respect within a team as Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes, taking the lead of the World Champion, perhaps the FIA should look to mandate a specific drivers eye height when behind the wheel.

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