Formula One: FIA investigating coded messages at Ferrari

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 14.52.48.png

Reports coming from German publication Auto Motor und Sport claim that the FIA are investigating Scuderia Ferrari following a possible violation of regulations around communication to drivers whilst on track

According to reports, the FIA have been handed photographic evidence of a Ferrari pit board displaying “3.2-LFS6-P1” over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend.

Charlie Whiting, earlier this year, confirmed that the FIA clampdown on communication between Team and Driver does extend to the pitboard.

The FIA have confirmed they are investigating the matter.

Should Ferrari be found to be acting outside of the regulations, possible penalties range from fines to possible points deductions.

5 thoughts on “Formula One: FIA investigating coded messages at Ferrari”

  1. Clearly that message poses the real danger in F1, unlike reversing in pit lane which more a suggestion than a rule 🙂


  2. Didn’t know that pit boards were included in the ,But will this be a true test case or just knuckles wrapped because it is a red car?


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