Formula One: Nasr unhappy with Sauber

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 00.22.57.png

After qualifying 22nd for the Bahrain Grand Prix  Felipe Nasr reported unexplainable changes in the handling and performance of his C35 between Free Practice 3 and Qualifying.  Nasr has requested the team remove his car from Parc Ferme conditions, and strip down the car to understand and resolve the issue. Such a move from the team would result in Nasr being forced to start tomorrow’s race from the pitlane.

Following Qualifying Nasr commented:

““Clearly, we do have some issues with my car. We have to look into this in more detail”

At this time the team have not confirmed how they will addresses the issues reported. The sister C35 driven by Marcus Ericsson qualified in 17th position.  Reflecting on qualifying Ericsson remarked:

““It was a decent qualifying, even though the result is not satisfying. As a team we have done a good job over the weekend with regard to the set-up of the car. We all know that we need to find more pace, because we cannot be happy being knocked out in Q1 again. We want to proceed and go further. For the moment we have to see what tomorrow brings. The race is a different story, but, as always, I will do my best.”

Sauber Team Principle Monisha Kaltenborn is not attending the Bahrain Grand Prix, electing to remain in Switzerland to focus on pressing issues. The FIA were alerted to this with Monisha failing to attend the Team Principle Press conference on Friday, something which would normally result in a fine for the team but the FIA have confirmed no action will be taken.




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