Formula One: The Future of Motorsport?

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Popular online tech journal The Verge earlier today previewed the hotly anticipated launch of new racing series ROBORACE. The series, the launch of which will likely coincide with start of the 3rd FIA Formula E Championship, will feature fully autonomous machinery.

Design of these fantastic looking machines comes courtesy of Daniel Simon, acclaimed designer famed for the Tron movies and for F1 geeks the 2011 HRT Formula One Team livery.  When dicussing the design Simon says his goal was “to create a vehicle that takes full advantage of the unusual opportunities of having no driver without ever compromising on beauty,” and that he worked with racing engineers and aerodynamicists to strike that balance. “Beauty was very high on our agenda,”

The race format and performance of the vehicles will likely form part of the planned launched tomorrow, ROBORACE CEO Denis Sverdlov is qouted as saying the cars could be capable of performance in the range of 300KMPH making them by far the fastest autonomous cars in the world.

The series has taken a very bold and much appreciated look into the future of automotive design with these first images of vehicles. this forward facing look towards racing is a positive indication of the plans for the series.

Further updates on ROBORACE will be posted here on JWGP as they become available.

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  • To follow the exploits of designer Daniel Simon on Twitter click here

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