Formula One: Dan & the Sandman

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 00.23.56.png

Red Bull Racing’s unique approach to pre race weekend preparation continued yesterday with Daniel Ricciardo joining Australian V8 Supercar Champion Jamie Whincup at Sandown Raceway to try out Red Bull Racing Australia’s one-off Holden Sandman V8

Check out this video to see how they got on:,AAACV1ASupk~,q0Md0bMgCgc9klBj4AdnYcCLGtuOGDzp&isRTL=false&playIcon=iconB&startTime=1458170060105&bcpid=4804378691001&bctid=4804378691001&relatedcontent=true,true&templateLoadHandler=BCLS.onTemplateLoad&closedCaptionsHover=Subtitles&autoStart=false&htmlFallback=true&'templateReadyHandlervideo4804378691001'%5D&isSlim=true&dynamicStreaming=true&link=,false,false,true

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