Formula One: VIDEO: Red Bull Racing – One Team, One Goal

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 14.26.40.png

In just over 10 days time Red Bull Racing be firing up their engines in Melbourne and rolling the twin RB12s out on the track for the first time in anger as the 2016 Formula One season finally gets underway.

That point will be the culmination of an intense winter of work in which the entire team at the factory has been flat out designing, modelling, machining and building the new car.

But while shaping a new racing machine in just a few short months might appear to be a frantic rush, it’s actually a remarkably calm and controlled process in which every department goes about its task with methodical precision and single-minded purpose.

To launch the new season, the team have taken a peak behind the scenes at the factory to see just how the entire team comes together to translate thousands of drawings, concepts and components into a car designed with just one goal mind – the pursuit of excellence.'templateReadyHandler4789540167001'%5D&isSlim=true&includeAPI=true&bgcolor=#000000&templateLoadHandler=onTemplateLoadApp&htmlFallback=true&autoStart=false&startTime=1457356828041&,true&socialHover=Share%20or%20embed&link=,AAACV1ASupk~,q0Md0bMgCgc9klBj4AdnYcCLGtuOGDzp&playIcon=iconB&dynamicStreaming=true&bcpid=2574854557001&linkBaseURL=,false,false,true

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