Formula One: Scuderia Ferrari thrill in Livigno


There are those who like to head for the mountains for a week’s skiing at this time of year, but they probably do not expect to be able to watch a Formula 1 car in full flight on the snow. Today, at Livigno, in the Italian Alps, a large crowd of fans and enthusiasts watched former Formula 1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella put on a show and they certainly weren’t disappointed. The Italian preceded his run in the car with a visit to the Hublot shop, as along with Kaspersky, the watchmaker promoted today’s event. He then met up with guests and journalists before taking on the challenge of driving a Formula 1 car on snow. Giancarlo tackled a short run specially dug out for the event and also drove down the town’s main street, waving to the crowds. “It was an incredible experience,” he said, “because the whole area shut down to be able to watch the show.”

To find out more about the Livigno Ski resort and see more of the Scuderia Ferrari event click here

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