Formula One: Perrinn F1 – Open Source design launched


The Perrinn F1 Project, spearheaded by Nicolas Perrin, have taken the next step in design development with the launch of the team’s design though open access cloud based racecar devlopment through OnShape.

The purpose of the project is to share designs with fans around the world, inviting them to follow the team’s progress as it happens, make suggestions or perhaps even create their own designs.

  • Using browser-based Onshape allows Perrinn to instantly share its open-access designs with non-CAD users worldwide without requiring them to purchase expensive licenses or download or install any software.
  • Perrinn uses Onshape’s Branching & Merging feature to quickly experiment with design changes without impacting the original model.
  • With a core engineering team split between England and France, Perrinn relies on Onshape’s collaboration feature that allows multiple people to simultaneously work on the same design in the cloud.


WE ARE A TEAM – Perrinn Limited chose Onshape for designing its open-access Formula 1 racecar. Running in a web or mobile browser, Onshape requires no downloads, installations or expensive license fees.

Although racecar drivers certainly get an adrenaline rush, auto racing remains a relatively passive experience for its millions of worldwide fans. Spectators may catch the blur of their favorite car or inhale a steady stream of exhaust fumes. But they ultimately have zero impact on who crosses the finish line first.

That may soon change. If engineer Nicolas Perrin has his way, fans could potentially have some influence over a race’s outcome.

Perrin, the founder of Perrinn Limited (the extra “N” was added to make the brand stand out), is attempting to turn the racecar design world upside down. In an environment where virtually every gear is a closely guarded secret, Perrinn is making his designs available to his opponents and the public alike. While the unprecedented move might look like sacrificing his competitive edge, the engineer hopes that opening the project to the public will help source new design talent to develop the cars.

“Sports is very powerful for bringing people together, so we can go a step further and effectively make this team, our design team, something a bit more special,” he says. “Building a car is a team experience. The Internet provides services to connect with friends, or search, or do things like that but we want to use it to create a better team of designers working from any location in the world while allowing the public to access our design to learn or simply follow our progress.”

“If you’re a football fan, you can follow the game easier if you’ve ever played it yourself. You can just take the ball and go do it. The difference with motorsports is that technology is a big barrier for people to truly feel like they can get involved and actually play themselves,” Perrin adds.

Perrinn Limited currently has a core design team of five professionals split between England and France. To facilitate internal collaboration and with outside partners and the public, the company chose Onshape, the first full-cloud professional 3D CAD system that enables multiple people to simultaneously work on the same design from any location.

To view the Perrinn F1 Project through Onshape click here

To follow the Perrinn project follow this link.



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