Formula One: Singha joins Scuderia Ferrari

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 13.52.37

Ahead of the official launch of the 2016 Scuderia Ferrari contender, JWGP can confirm that the Singha Corporation have joined the team as a partner from 2016 onwards.

The Singha Corporation, producers of Singha Beer originates in Thailand, produced in the Boon Rawd Brewery.  Over 1 billion litres of Singha Beer are produced annually.

Singha Beer first entered Formula One as a Red Bull Racing partner in 2010, this agreement reached its conclusion as the end of last season. Whilst no formal confirmation has been provided by Scuderia Ferrari, Singha beer branding features on the team website and 2016 preview films.

As pictured, Singha Beer branding will feature on the arms of driver racesuits, based on the prominence of the company logo on the Ferrari website, it seems likely the Singha Beer branding will be situated on the car nose cone in a similar location and size to TNT energy drink.

Both Scuderia Ferrari and the Singha Cooporation have declined to comment.

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