Formula One: David Coulthard join’s BBC Top Gear

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Reports have emerged in the last 24 hours that David Coulthard is set to join the soon to to be relaunched Top Gear on the BBC in the UK.

Following the BBC’s announcement that it will drop F1 coverage from its schedules in 2016, 3 seasons earlier than contracted, those involved in the coverage both in front of and behind the camera will be looking at new options.

Outlets such as Variety and The Mirror are reporting DC will join the Top Gear team alongside the confirmed Chris Evans and also rumoured Sabine Schmitz. With the shows producer Lisa Clark leaving the project after 5 months before the new format has aired questions are emerging over the direction and management of the show.

David Coulthard and the BBC are yet to comment on these rumours. It is not clear if working on Top Gear would preclude Coulthard from involvement with the C4 F1 coverage or joining his long term colleague and friend Martin Brundle at Sky Sports.


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