Formula One: Toto Wolff – 21 race calendar a real challenge



In a packed out media briefing session at the Mercedes Stars and Cars event in Stuttgart Toto Wolff, when questioned about the prospect of 21 races in the 2016 Formula One Season commented that 19 races in 2015 was already a lot, with the travelling team growing tired by the end of the season.

As the team plan for the 2016 season they cannot be sure the current structure will work, this may mean that the team could look towards a 2nd shift programme for the travelling team and evaluate the way in which team members are able to ensure appropriate rest considerations are made.

Formula One management have made efforts to reduce the long haul travel requirements across the season in 2016, shifting all Asian races together, and 3 Americas events taking place over a 30 day period. Whilst these changes will extend the time teams are on the road they will reduce requirements around shipping team materials across the globe.

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