Formula One: #StarsAndCars 2015 Build Up


With drivers preparing for this this evening’s Stars and Cars event in Stuttgart to celebrate the success of Mercedes Benz across Motorsport in 2015, now seems like a good time to share a few stats and facts about the event.

Hosted in the Mercedes Benz Arena, the track took 108 hours to build with over 3100 people involved, the track is 681 metres in length and required 2400t of gravel and 1220 of tarmac to prepare. The track width varies between 7-8m. It is estimated a lap will take around 33 seconds in an SLS AMG GT3, with a Vmax of around approximately 106km/h

The event will be broken down in to 4 rounds with progressively more powerful vehiles used in each round. Starting with AMG A 45 4Matic and culminating in the SLS AMG GT3.  Drivers across all walks of Mercedes Benz racing will be taking part with both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in attendance alongside DTM champion Pascal Wehrlein.

Each round will require drivers to complete two laps on each configuration of the circuit (the inside and outside) with a mandatory switch between configurations after each lap. Unlike events such as the Race of Champions, the crossover from inside to outside circuit configuration will require drivers to switch lanes.

Having witnessed a few of the warm up laps this morning, the tight and twisty nature of the circuit appears to be quite a challenge for the drivers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few spins and contact as the day progresses.

You can tune into the broadcast on the Mercedes Benz website following this link

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