Formula One: CONFIRMED – Red Bull TAG Heuer with Ilmor support

From the milliseconds that separate victory from defeat to the finely balanced and perfectly measured rhythm of a racing engine, in motorsport timing is everything.
As the curtain falls on the 2015 Formula One season and the sport gears up for next year’s challenge, the timing is right for Red Bull Racing to reveal that the team’s 2016 F1 car will race with a power unit carrying the name of motorsport’s most iconic timing brand – TAG Heuer.
The new partnership, which represents a shift away from F1’s conventional supply systems, will see TAG Heuer take up naming rights of the team’s power unit, which will be supplied by Renault. The new car will be christened the Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB12.
Deepening the relationship between the team and the legendary timing house, which can call on more than half a century of heritage at the cutting edge of motorsport, TAG Heuer will become the Official Timekeeper, Official Watch Partner and Team Performance Partner of the Red Bull Racing team from 2016 in a multi-year partnership.
Welcoming the new partnership, Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, said: “TAG Heuer and Red Bull are two transcendent brands which have both a passion for racing and a drive to do things differently, and this unique collaboration is further evidence of that. TAG Heuer has been an icon in the world of Formula One for many years and we’re delighted that they’ve chosen to continue their association with the sport by teaming up with us. Our shared values of innovation and a desire to stand out from the crowd make this one of the most exciting partnerships in F1. We are also pleased to see Renault confirm its long-term commitment to F1 and would like to thank them for their contribution to the team since 2007. Their technical partnership with Ilmor gives us confidence, and we look forward to the 2016 season.”
Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the LVMH Watch Division, added: “Formula One is deeply-rooted in TAG Heuer’s DNA, and Red Bull Racing is a young, dynamic and driven team, which perfectly fits with our marketing strategy. It will give TAG Heuer great visibility and allow us to make our partnership exciting, different and innovative. Our motto #DontCrackUnderPressure will be the guiding principle behind all our actions with the support of the Red Bull Racing team and its highly contagious enthusiasm.”

14 thoughts on “Formula One: CONFIRMED – Red Bull TAG Heuer with Ilmor support”

  1. Lots of PR speak. Lucky old TAG, should the car win it will be Red Bull’s remarkable chassis and when they lose TAG will get all the s***.


    1. Final part of the article:
      We are also pleased to see Renault confirm its long-term commitment to F1 and would like to thank them for their contribution to the team since 2007. Their technical partnership with Ilmor gives us confidence, and we look forward to the 2016 season

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      1. Jon can you outline if Mario Illien is working separately with Renault or with RBR on this PU for next year?

        From what you mention and some others, it doesn’t quite add up that Mario would be working with Renault rather than RBR? As it was RBR that drafted him at their expense to provide his expertise on the PU to Renault not the other way around. And didn’t Renault this year reject Mario’s recommendations and they went with their own upgrade plan, which was not particularly successful for the PU?

        This is very odd, as Renault wouldn’t reject his initial recommendations, and then U turn and employ his service next years PU would they?

        Since RBR is running the unbranded PU, they will need Mario’s assistance at a minimum.

        And do you see RBR developing and running this unbranded PU beyond 2016?

        Personally I feel Renault will stick to their own stubborn ill fated upgraded plan for this PU and Mario/RBR will heading down another path which will be hell for leather, fast tracked and extreme: kind of sums up RBR?


      2. Thanks Jon.

        How about this for an alternate scenario:

        Next year Renault will be developing their PU down their plan, without Mario’s input


        Mario will be working at Renault building RBR’s PU to RBR’s spec.

        I just don’t see RBR having dropped so much money over the last year or so on this engine to be accepting another Renault inspired PU.


      3. Renault may indeed want to protect its IP.

        But once RBR forced its way into Viry and demanded the work on the Renault PU, even if it was on a separate project, RBR can then claim some of this IP and any of the new IP that the RBR engineers help develop.

        Also many forget the Renault PU is using the RBR developed ERS, which Renault must rely on RBR and vice versa.

        Correct me if I may be wrong somewhere Jon.


      4. From Renault: The development of the power unit will continue to be led by Renault Sport F1. Ilmor is a partner of RSF1, as is the case with any other contractor – for example AVL, Mecachrome, Magneti Marelli etc. The same power unit will be supplied to both teams.


  2. Renault can use Ilmor, red bullies cannot, unless the regulations are rewritten.
    We have just witnessed one of the biggest U-TURNS in F1 history.


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