Formula One: Mercedes gift Rosberg the final win of the year


Through a series of strategic calls AMG Mercedes Petronas elected to gift Nico Rosberg victory around the Yas Marina Circuit.

In a move reminiscent of the 98-99 Mclaren Mercedes domination in which the car leading into the first corner of the first lap would win the race, Mercedes elected to move away from procedures applied since Bahrain 2014 where by driver s, when in a dominant position, would not be permitted to split strategy, it would appear that Nico Rosberg as the lead driver was not only awarded the optimal strategy for the race, but Lewis Hamilton was actively disadvantaged.

Through the opening stint of the race Nico Rosberg was able to open up a lead of almost 7 seconds over Lewis Hamilton. However Lewis was able to bring this gap down to within DRS detection as Nico stopped for the final time. Subsequent to Nico’s second stop, Lewis held an advantage slightly short of 22 seconds, the time required to make a pitstop. Had Mercedes chosen to apply protocol Lewis as the 2nd driver would have stopped within 1-2 laps, in so doing the cars would have run within 1 second of each other in the closing laps of the race.

However, Mercedes elected to extend Lewis’ middle stint despite him losing at times more than 1.5 seconds a lap to Nico. During this extended stint pitwall exchanges were broadcast in which Lewis and his engineer debated elected not to stop again and running the super softs for again, both options were dismissed by the team despite as unsafe despite Ferrari and Red Bull running longer final stints on the super soft and Nico Hulkenberg achieving a stint of 31 laps on the soft.

Once Lewis made his final pitstop of the 2015 season he set about trying to catch Nico Rosberg setting a series of consecutive fastest laps. Having halved the deficit with 5 laps remaining his pitwall instructed him to turn down engine performance. Lewis initially ignored this order, a decision the team responded to by instructing Nico to turn to a higher engine mode.

The rationale for decisions taken by the Mercedes pitwall today are unclear, fans  were seemingly denied of the prospect of close racing in the final race of the year for a greater good determined by the team. As fans of racing, this decision is not an omen for how  AMG Mercedes Petronas will approach 2016.

13 thoughts on “Formula One: Mercedes gift Rosberg the final win of the year”

    1. Could not agreed more, if they tried to put him on a longer stint, why not fit the faster tire on the last stint?in fact why did they put him on a longer stint in the first place, Lewis clearly had better pace on the closing stages of the last stint he should have been pitted right after the “daddy got millions” cry baby. By the way do you know why the podium was filled with number 44, it looked awkward for Nico.


  1. Ross Brawn is now gone, it took two years for the team to finally turn into something Brawn would never allow. Wolfe has become smug beyond compare, it’s now Wolfe’s team, we will now see how this new team turns out.
    I think the board of MB is telling Toto to let the other guy win, even if he has less talent, here comes a brick wall for team Mercedes to smash into. The best practice is for Wolfe to tell the board no, but he doesn’t have it in him, he’s the wrong guy in the job. The car company Mercedes 2015 is ill equipped to own and operate an F1 team, they can play pupped master to all their vendors when spending billions but that is not going to work when manipulating their F1 toy. Or should I say, here comes a brick wall of their own making?


  2. I’ve never read as much tripe in all my life. This is what happens when you have someone who needs to believe that something went wrong, clearly a Hamiltion supporter, completely forgetting that Rosberg DESTROYED Hamilton in Quali … where it really counts.

    You’ll also note that nothing was ever mentioned about these small “facts” when Rosberg was chasing Hamilton, showing just how superior he really is …

    I suppose you can’t show a man that can’t see! but what a ridicolus report with absolutely no basis in truth, all the while Hamilton is blaming his engineers. You just could’nt make it up!

    Sometimes, just sometimes, he isn’t as hot as what you may think and isn’t unbeatable! … all his fans also seem to forget the 2014 season until Singapore … oh what short and selective memories!


      1. Hi Jon, thanks for th reply! … it’s appreciated, and I can understand that you are reporting what you can see, or how it happened from your point of view, that’s all very well and good, however, the facts of the situation tell a completely different story. I feel it’s massively unjust to claim that Rosberg was gifted the win, your headline sets the tone and it seems to me that you are playing to the Hamilton fan base, which is fine of that’s what you are doing, but you base your opinion on a perception that is easily disproved. You also didnt need to go all the way to 98/99, Ferrari and Red Bull (surely we havent forget Multi 21 or the Barrichello & Massa days at the Scuderia) already, but to gain favour and add weight you went back to a time when the sport was very VERY different. No where in your article do you even acknowledge that Rosberg deserved the win, or commend him on a commanding race or come back from what a difficult season, nor even mention that he had one engine less (making his win all the more spectacular). Small facts that many seem to ignore because the favour one driver over the other. Sometimes you can tell more about what a person doesnt say (or write) that you can from an extended conversation!!! I feel it’s hugley unfair to Nico to state that he was gifted the win, when in reality, Lewis has, over the last season alone, triumphed at the expense of Nico simply because of the wat the aero works on the Merc, which you also failed to mention. The mark of a real man who can put his head down and crack on. Again, I respect the fact that this is your opinion, we can all have one, but when it’s foundation is shakey to say the least, there should be some factual content to weight it up … I’ve just come across your site and I will reserve any opinions I might have until I familarise myself with your reporting. Have a good one! 🙂


      2. Thanks again for the comments. I sincerely appreciate the feedback. On reflection I do accept many of the observations you make. For me, having had time to reflect, what I find most disappointing is that I believe Mercedes robbed fans of a possible wheel to wheel battle. I understand the reasons for this from a business perspective, but as a reader pointed out to me in an earlier article. This is a sport… …. as well as a business. Thanks you for reading! Don’t give up on me yet!


      3. You are not the only person who saw it this way. For the first time Mercedes didn’t run Nico and Lewis on identical strategies despite
        Lewis asking many times. And when they do it is detrimental to Lewis. Doesn’t matter he still won the WDC and loads more races than Nico


  3. Totally agree, Mercedes should have pitted Lewis 1 lap after Ico. He caught up a 6s deficit on his 2nd stint on mediums. When Nico pitted Lewis was under 1s behind Nico. Then Lewis would have hsd 23laps to attack Nico.


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