Formula One: The Fastest Show on Earth



The Fastest Show on EarthThe Ultimate Guide to the World of Formula One.

I like to think of myself as fairly knowledgeable when it comes to Formula One, or at least I did, after reading this book I have to say I feel humbled. The subheading of ‘The Fastest Show on Earth’ refers to the book as Mammoth, and believe me, this is an understatement! With over 600 pages of content no matter how much you think you know about F1 this book will teach you something new!

Do you know the complete history of every team on the F1 grid? Can you summarise their performance in each and every year they’ve participated in the world championship? This coupled with a tidy ‘teams in their own words ‘section is a fantastic tool to brush up on your team knowledge and build a greater understanding of the history of the sport.

In the Anthology section of the book Chicane have bought together a series of excerpts from experts across the sport, each with their own perspective on what makes F1 special. From Terry Lovell’s take on “Bernie’s Game” to my personal favourite Mark Gallagher’s “The Business of Winning” who knew that Eddie Jordan had a tattoo!

The Fastest Show on Earth’ acts as the perfect point of reference for someone looking to research or write about the sport, using myself as an example over this weekend I’ll be writing about the Bahrain WEC, GP2 and GP3 races with the intention of comparing each class to F1 performance at the track. Normally this would involve a couple of hours trawling the internet for data on historical F1 performance at the venue. Not anymore! The Fastest show on earth details all the technical data you could possibly look for from every F1 circuit on the calendar. This comes alongside a review of every team and driver participating in the 2015 season.

Another highlight in the guide is the collection of images taken from Lewis Hamilton’s 2014 championship campaign. There’s even a deliberate mistake in this section to make sure you are paying attention!

So if you are looking for  the perfect Christmas  gift for the F1 obsessive or looking to expand your F1 knowledge through those long winter nights… or if you just NEED to know what EJ’s tattoo means, this is the book for you!

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