Formula One: FIA open calls for expressions of interest in the supply of alternative engines to F1


The FIA have formally announced a  call for an expression of interest from candidates in becoming the exclusive supplier of the alternative engine to the existing competitors for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Candidates have until November 23rd 2015 at 17:00 CET to register a formal expression of interest. Allowing only 10 days for this process suggests the FIA have a number of possible candidates in mind already.

This initial process, or request for information, is being completed to assure credibility of possible candidates with details on the financial status, capacity, capabilities, and client support ability, required in this first phase.

To review the call for expressions of interest document in full please follow this link.

The technical specification under which engine will be developed is not detailed in the brief and is available only upon request to the FIA. It is understood the specification is likely to be a 2.2 litre twin turbo configuration similar to that seen in Indycar.

It should also be noted that the request for expression of interest makes no comment on desired end cost of the power unit or development expectations around the power unit.

The FIA formally launching this stage of the process serves to demonstrate the importance the governing body is placing of the future of power unit development in Formula One. In advancing this strategy the FIA can serve to undermine current power unit costs and manufacturer control of the sport.

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