Exclusive: Nelson Piquet Jr sponsor Lodgeo discuss Formula E


The eagle eyed fan of Formula E may have noticed that since the concluding rounds of the championship in London, former Formula One Driver and inaugural Formula E World Champion, Nelson Piquet Jr. has been sporting backing from Lodgeo.

I caught up with Ines Djelassi, founder and CEO of Lodgeo to find out a bit more about the company, to understand what attracted them to Formula E and how fans of Nelson Piquet jr could be in for a bit of treat!
Thank you for your time today Ines, to kick things off could you give an overview of Lodgeo?

Lodgeo is a hotel market place where consumers and hotel suppliers can buy and sell rooms live at the lowest price available. Once a booking has taken place on Lodgeo, the user can manage all bookings from different travel suppliers from the Lodgeo app, manage multiple credit cards, use the plan your route functionality and more.

Current competitors, including Kayak, Trivago and Tripadvisor are still not offering the 100% in app booking functionality and most will divert a user back to a third party website for the fulfilment. Thus creating friction and a very poor mobile user experience. Most importantly diverting a user means not being able to guarantee the lowest price advertised initially.

Our new app offers access to more than 1 million hotels globally, through a series of online travel agents. It generates income by taking a cut of the bookings from the travel agents and is free to users. Until now, it has not been possible for consumers to compare prices and book rooms within one app. We hope that Lodgeo will capture a significant slice of the fast-growing market.

How did the Lodgeo, Nelson Piquet Jr. partnership come about & what is the length of your agreement?

One of the investors in Fornula E and also Lodgeo has introduced us to Nelson Piquet, since we realised that there was a lot of synergies and opportunities between the formula e events and Lodgeo to do a joint marketing approach and enable users to attend the races along with booking their hotels on the go at the best available rates. The agreement will run for this year and will be automatically renewable for next year. Any fan of nelson, will receive an exclusive promocode that will entitle them to free credits that they can redeem when they book hotels on Lodgeo. (see the end of this article for more information)

What attracted you to Formula E?

Formula E is new, vibrant, dynamic and trying to innovate in Motorsport. Which is very much aligned with what Lodgeo is trying to achieve in the travel space. Formula E fans, drivers and teams are great and need a lodging partner that will be aligned their company’s vision hence our involvement.

What do Lodgeo hope to achieve out of Nelson Piquet jr, Formula E relationship?

This partnership is ideal for brand awareness through Nelson’s profile and also because of the different countries that will be visited during the races. We hope to significantly increase our user base with new users installing the app and generate more revenues.

Nelson is a frequent user of the Lodgeo app and loves it; we hope that his fans and formula E fans will adopt the service too.

Based on your experience to date would Lodgeo recommend Formula E involvement to other companies as a tool to increase brand awareness? 

Yes we would for sure.

How does the cost of Formula E involvement compare to other sponsorship agreements? 

The deal is a win-win, so the best deal we could have really.

What are Lodgeo most looking forward to ahead of the Formula E season?

We are looking forward to having Nelson win again, and to see some new Formula E users adopting the Lodgeo app rapidly!

Further Information:

  • Follow this link to visit the Lodgeo home page.
  • You can follow Nelson Piquet Jr on Twitter through following this link:


Lodgeo have created an exclusive promocode: PiquetJr for all Nelson Piquet jr fans and supporters. When users register on Lodgeo this code gives users an immediate £10 credit (or equivalent t value in your local currency). Additional credit of £10 (or equivalent local currency value) will be added each time a referred friend registers.

Profile in Brief: Ines Djelassi

The entrepreneur behind a new mobile app that allows users to compare prices for hotels and book rooms is preparing to raise up to £10m to develop the service.

Ines Djelassi, who launched Lodgeo in September 2014, is working with advisers on the fundraising. She has previously secured £2m in start-up funding.

Lodgeo is Djelassi’s second hotel-related tech venture. In 2012 the French executive sold her previous business, Hotel Solutions Direct, to Eviivo, an internet travel company backed by the Middle East Investment firm Investcorp.

If you are interested in exploring the investment potential of Lodgeo please contact with Ines Djelassi by clicking here.

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